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Marketing is constantly evolving. It’s often easy to know what works and what doesn’t and stick with what’s familiar. The only problem with this route is that you may be leaving opportunities on the table. Here are some of our favorite underappreciated tactics that we recommend for marketing firms. Try incorporating a few of these into your next marketing plan.

Tactics for Marketing Law Firms

1. Develop infographics

Visuals that present complicated information in a simple format can play a key role in content marketing. Try doing industry-specific research and then presenting the results in an infographic. Infographics make great fodder for social media posts and can also be reused in blog posts and other formats. Here are some templates that can help you get started.

2. Research industry thought leaders

Industry thought leaders will likely have a strong following of their own. You can gain exposure by collaborating with them and then promoting the interview or other content across the board. Chances are you already have connections with some industry leaders. Reach out to her and ask for an interview that you can use for a podcast or blog post.

3. Create a video strategy

Videos have become an essential part of content marketing. Explore the different types of videos you can produce, from instructional videos to behind-the-scenes insights into your office. Include video posting and promotion opportunities in your plan. Start a YouTube page and commit to a video upload schedule.

4. Use customer reviews

Sometimes one of the best ways to convert a prospect is to show them how valuable you have been to others. Many law firms create case studies for their website and stop there, but there are many different ways law firms can leverage client reviews. You can create organic or paid social media campaigns around customer testimonials. Also, a lot can be done simply by making your law firm reviews more discoverable, by asking clients to post on attorney review sites, or by including client reviews on your site using a service like Birdeye.

5. Conduct a webinar

Webinars are a great way to share thought leadership and generate new leads. Consider topics that could benefit from an educational presentation or an opportunity to ask questions of the experts on your team. Build campaigns around your webinars and make sure you have a plan for tracking registrants and attendees.

6. Use SEO Research in more areas

If you have a solid SEO strategy, chances are you’ve done a lot of research and have valuable assets like keyword lists and website analytics data. You can use this keyword research to identify what topics are trending in your industry and create content on those topics like blogs, webinars, eBooks, etc. You can even use this list to determine which topics to post on social media as well.

For more information on conducting keyword research, check out this free eBook: SEO for Law Firm Websites.

7. Make decisions based on metrics

Understanding actual ROI and metrics from past campaigns can help guide future investments and plans. Think about the goals you have and what metrics indicate success, then make a point of regularly checking those metrics and using them to optimize new efforts.

8. Use Tik Tok to develop your advocates into thought leaders Law Firms for Marketing

Tik Tok has grown tremendously in popularity and quite a few lawyers are taking advantage of this. Tik Tok can be used not only as a platform for law firms to showcase their personalities, but also to create educational content. Many law firms take a look at their audience’s most pressing questions regarding the legal industry and answer them with short informative videos on Tik Tok. Better yet, businesses can even turn blog topics into quick tik toks by providing a video overview of the topic.

9. Participate in forums

Online forums are platforms where people can ask or answer questions on a variety of topics. They can be a great brand awareness tool for law firms. Spend some time on sites like Reddit or Quora looking for questions related to your industry—then answer them. You don’t want to over-promote, but don’t be afraid to post really helpful content and start a conversation.

10. Interact with interactive elements

One of the big goals of your social media strategy should be engagement. You can extend engagement beyond comments or replies by posting quizzes, polls, polls, etc. Consider creating a Twitter poll, an Instagram story poll, or creating a short video with a few questions. Depending on how much information you’re looking for, you might be able to collect the answers and place them in a separate content format, like a white paper.

Bring away:

It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone, and your marketing tactics are no exception. You don’t need to come up with entirely new strategies, just new ways to use what you have. Follow our blog to get the latest tips, tricks and trends delivered to your inbox.

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