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When you host a national call-in radio show, you hear from all kinds of people.

There was the renowned photographer who asked me how he could keep the classy photos he takes of his wife safe and private. Spoiler: Don’t just upload them to iCloud or Google Photos. Tap or click here to securely store private pictures.

I spoke to a woman whose daughter was being followed and molested. I’m proud to say I connected them to the right help and the man responsible has been brought to justice. Tap or click for the spooky details. This nightmare could happen to anyone.

I’m proud to say I built my own multi-million dollar business with no debt and no investors. It’s rewarding for me to help the many small business owners who call and need help getting their business off the ground or overcoming a major hurdle. I was there myself.

Here’s my advice from the trenches:

1. Know your competition

Unless you really go rogue with a brand new product or service, your customers already exist and are spending their money elsewhere. Competitive research is one of the best ways to get a feel for what is and isn’t working in your industry.

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