Fundraising for a South Berwick, ME woman for her own brain surgery – | Region & Cash

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine – On “bad brain days,” Karen Briggs suffers from foggy memory, searing headaches with pain so severe she can’t open her eyes for long periods of time.

“I kind of stopped making plans and I work, but not much. It’s just been a weird few years and I didn’t realize how lonely I was getting until recently,” she said.

The South Berwick resident has been suffering from these symptoms and perpetually blurred vision for two years, in what doctors and she believe is a rare neurological condition. As a result, Briggs turns to crowdfunding to get medical help to correct her vision problems.

Briggs, 30, is seeking $25,000 from a self-launched GoFundMe page for potential neurosurgery that would remove a noncancerous mass near the pineal gland in her brain. According to Briggs, vision problems that began in the summer of 2020 resulted in her having numerous appointments with doctors and eventually a neurologist in Maine, who believes the condition she suffers from is cerebral polyopia.

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