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Are you trying to do some marketing but don’t know where to start?

After running hundreds of campaigns, I’ll give you advice that has not only skyrocketed my clients, but also my skills as a marketer: Get it done…fast! And change later. We call this philosophy Marketing by Modification™ (MBM).

In a field like marketing, everything is subjective. What attracts one customer will inevitably repel another. You will never be able to please everyone, so avoiding action and working tirelessly on a project will only prevent you from getting the result you want.

By prioritizing the speed of action, you can analyze the result, use data and create a modified version of your marketing campaign. Instead of spending months creating a campaign, use those months to promote, learn, and grow your business.

To put effectiveness in perspective, here are some tips on how to get the most out of MBM.

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Make sure your work is quick and not sloppy

As humans, we tend to overthink and question our work. Sometimes our first instincts are right. But use your bright ideas by trying different marketing approaches. The key is to remember that while the goal is to get your ideas published quickly, publishing them quickly is only effective if the quality of work is good. The purpose behind the MBM method is to act with a sense of urgency and curiosity without being paralyzed by fear of flawed marketing. Don’t rush great work, but don’t be afraid to use good old trial and error.

Don’t confuse quality with perfection

It’s important to remember that nothing will ever be “perfect”. It’s understandable not to want to rush the genius and make sure something does a great job. But as humans, we tend to get inside our heads. We create, erase, renew and repeat until we end up being as far removed from the original idea as we had in mind.

MBM ends this cycle. Don’t rely on the idea of ​​perfection, rely on a new ideal: customization. The most popular products have never been heard with a single marketing effort. Marketing takes time. So instead of being paralyzed by your perfectionism, take the chance, launch the campaign and seize the opportunity to learn from it and move your business forward.

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Budget a little, learn a lot

MBM is a great way to save money. By using small budgets for different campaigns, you’ll learn what types of marketing attract different types of customers. The marketing creatives that attract men may not attract women. The creatives that attract people from Iowa may not attract people from New York. You can learn a lot more about your audience and attract different types of businesses with these small marketing campaigns.

You may even realize that the direction you never envisioned your business is booming success. Any money you spend on these marketing efforts will not go to waste. As I’ve written before, what attracts one customer will inevitably repel another. Any strategy will keep you in business – even in ways that might surprise you.

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Be proactive with the market and don’t react to it

Have you ever noticed something trending online, and months later, when you’re already over the trend, it’s all over the stores? This situation is a perfect example of today’s market. As everything goes digital, products, preferences and the market are changing rapidly. As a result, we tend to see stale trends months after the movement has died on mainstream platforms.

Because companies today work with reactive marketing. don’t react; Instead, use current trends and be proactive for upcoming ones. Instead of waiting for trends to emerge, stay on top of the trends. There’s no point in spending months on a marketing campaign that loses its relevance before it’s even launched.

The truth is that any action is better than doing nothing at all. By waiting for a perfect idea to come to you, you lose valuable time getting feedback from your audience and time adapting to their needs. If you’re waiting for your vision to finally come to life the way you envisioned it, you’re wasting time and could create an even more successful campaign.

Marketing is all about trial and error. As much as we wish we could, we’ll never get it right the first time. Instead of fighting the system, embrace it with Marketing By Modification. Take the chance, start the campaign, learn and change. It’s the best way to get as close to perfection as possible.

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