AI startup EarthDefine is helping telcos design more resilient 5G networks and P&C insurers increase underwriting accuracy by expanding their 3D building footprint database to over 183 million buildings in the US – Yahoo Finance | Region & Cash

“The latest version of EarthDefine adds over 27 million new commercial and residential 3D building footprints, enabling telcos to design more accurate 5G networks and helping P&C insurers more accurately assess and price risk.”

REDMOND, Washington., July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EarthDefine, a provider of high-resolution spatial data, today announced that it has added over 27 million new commercial and residential buildings to its 3D building floor plan database. EarthDefine’s latest update increases the total number of building areas to over 183 million commercial and residential buildings in the continental United States.

EarthDefine 3D Building Footprints over Minneapolis, MN

EarthDefine 3D Building Footprints over Minneapolis, MN

Unlike traditional 30-meter clutter data used to model radiofrequency propagation, EarthDefine’s 3D building footprint and tree data offers much more detail through AI-assisted extraction from 60-centimeter-resolution aerial imagery. Telecom providers can use this granular data to find the best locations to install small antenna systems by identifying trees and buildings that may be blocking radio frequency signals (often referred to as millimeter wave or high-band 5G signals).

Insurance companies will also benefit from EarthDefine’s latest update by being able to geocode more rooftop addresses on a property during the underwriting process. This improved geocoding accuracy will allow insurers to rate and price wildfires, floods, hurricanes and other natural hazards much more accurately.

In addition to identifying primary and secondary structures for a given address, EarthDefine’s 3D building footprints also return the following information about buildings and properties:

  • Average and maximum height of buildings and objects (e.g. trees, antennas, etc.)

  • Lowest, mean and highest terrain elevation around buildings

  • Estimated number of floors, square meters, building volume and much more

EarthDefine’s 3D building footprints are derived from a combination of lidar (to identify structures hidden by trees and to map building heights) and state-of-the-art deep neural networks to analyze aerial imagery. This AI-based approach is highly accurate (98% accuracy) and allows EarthDefine to continuously expand its 3D building floor plan database to provide an updated snapshot of commercial and residential real estate.

“One of the key benefits of EarthDefine’s 3D building footprints is that they can provide telecom and insurance companies different perspectives of an area to help them make better location-based decisions,” said Vikalpa Jetly, CEO of EarthDefine. “For example, insurance companies can see from the ground how a commercial or residential building is affected by a flood, wildfire, storm surge or other natural hazard. On the other hand, telcos can perform line-of-sight analysis across large regions to optimize their network coverage and accurately model how buildings and trees may impact their 5G evolution,” Jetly said.

EarthDefine’s 3D building footprints and building properties can be licensed nationwide or for smaller areas. For more information or to request a free trial, contact Vikalpa Jetly, CEO, EarthDefine at or 1.800.579.5916.

About EarthDefine

EarthDefine focuses on converting earth sensor data into consumable geographic information products for numerous applications in the insurance, telecommunications, and government sectors. EarthDefine employs image processing workflows that leverage advances in computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to extract land cover information from aerial imagery and other sensor data. For more information, please visit:

EarthDefine 3D Building Footprint Points and Polygons over Grand Junction, CO

EarthDefine 3D Building Footprint Points and Polygons over Grand Junction, CO



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