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Traditional WiFi routers are a great option for setting up a home network if you live in an average-sized apartment. Larger multi-story homes may require additional planning to ensure every space is covered. ASUS best mesh WiFi systems eliminate internet dead zones in your home without the inconvenience and frustration associated with extenders and repeaters. The ZenWiFi wireless router series offers a variety of mesh WiFi alternatives, so you can choose the one that best suits your bandwidth needs, home decor, and building architecture.

Mesh WiFi offers high-speed WiFi in every room

Many factors affect the speed of your home wireless network. One of the most important considerations is the distance between your device and the WiFi router that powers your home network. All routers have an effective range – being close to them will give you the fastest, most consistent connections. As a result, a router that worked well in an apartment or smaller home may struggle to reach all rooms in a new, larger area.

Repeaters or range extenders can help remove Internet dead zones in your home, but they often come at the expense of performance and convenience. A mesh WiFi network is a far cleaner solution. Simply put, the best ASUS mesh WiFi systems use numerous devices distributed throughout the house to operate a single network. Behind the scenes, routers evaluate in real-time which node provides the largest signal for your device. They interact with each other wirelessly or via a physical Ethernet connection (referred to as a “backhaul”) to ensure reliable Internet access in every room.

All-round speed and lightness in one package

Your home is your sanctuary, the place you design with elements that reflect your particular style and personality. A WiFi router works best when placed in the rooms where you spend most of your time with your devices, so it’s important to choose a router that matches the style of your home. Hiding it in a closet or basement corner to keep it out of sight may not get the wireless performance you want.

ZenWiFi mesh systems have modest designs that fit seamlessly into a variety of decor styles, including contemporary, minimalist, and modern. The antennas are tucked into clever, discreet shapes that never look out of place. Depending on the model, black and white color variants are also available for easy synchronization.

The ZenWiFi Series features an elegant design with a metal-like plating and brushed finish that provides a comfortable feel that blends in with your other devices and surroundings. And the concentric circle pattern on the top of the unit demonstrates the calm and peace of mind you expect from a well-designed space.

These design aspects also have practical advantages. Because an overheated router may deliver reduced performance or require more frequent reboots, specially designed air vents are located under the tall vertical lines on the side of ZenWiFi mesh routers. These vents allow adequate airflow to the electronics and internal heatsinks, resulting in quiet yet effective thermal output for reliable operation—all in a design that looks good on the table.

Suitable for any house design

A single classic router needs to be placed in the middle of your house and hope it has enough range to reach every room. ASUS best mesh WiFi systems give you the freedom to design the ideal mesh WiFi network for the layout and shape of your home. Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your system.

As with any other router, it is advisable to keep the devices away from concrete walls, heavy metal objects, and other potential signal degraders. If you have multiple floors in your home, position the nodes high and near the stairs for better signal coverage across floors.

Strategically place the ZenWiFi system to provide whole-home WiFi coverage. The ideal distance between mesh nodes for top performance is no more than 30-45 feet. As far as possible, ensure that there is a clear, unobstructed line of sight between nodes. Remember that a mesh WiFi system can easily be expanded with more units. So if you’re remodeling your basement or building an annex, you can make sure you have high-speed WiFi access there too.

The ZenWiFi AX (XT8) delivers exceptional performance

Sufficient bandwidth is essential for today’s smart homes. Your smart speakers, security systems, smartphones, computers and other devices all require consistent connectivity to function properly. Maybe your family members all enjoy watching TikTok or YouTube videos on their own devices, not to mention high-definition 4K entertainment from Netflix, Disney+ or other streaming services. In addition, there may be someone in your family who needs a high-speed connection for work conferences or online gaming. If that describes your home, the ZenWiFi AX (XT8) offers ample bandwidth in an easy-to-deploy mesh WiFi system.

ASUS Zen WiFi - 3

This award-winning tri-band system is ideal for a power user’s household. The ZenWiFi AX (XT8) offers an aggregate bandwidth of 6600 Mbps thanks to its two different 5 GHz bands and can use one 5 GHz band for dedicated backhaul and the other for interacting with your devices. You can also add a wired Ethernet backhaul for even more reliable performance. The ZenWiFi AX (XT8) is also one of the best mesh WiFi routers for larger households. With just two of these units you can cover your entire home for more than 6 rooms.

The ZenWiFi XD6 extends the reach of mesh networks

Perhaps your bandwidth requirements are relatively modest — you and your family use the Internet primarily for basic web browsing and social networking, and when you stream a movie or show, you typically watch it together. Perhaps your home’s existing built-in Ethernet lines make it easy to set up a wired backhaul, making a third wireless band a luxury rather than a necessity. Either way, the ZenWiFi XD6 delivers the performance you want at an affordable price.

This dual-band mesh WiFi system has a total throughput of up to 5400 Mbit/s. It offers both high performance and long range across its 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. Its two nodes are ideal for homes with four or more rooms. Depending on where you live, you might also be able to purchase a ZenWiFi XD6 with wall mounts that allow you to position the nodes exactly where you need them.

ASUS Zen WiFi - 2

Easy installation, easy security

The setup process is easy regardless of which ZenWiFi system you are using. All technical aspects are handled by the free ASUS router app – just connect a node to your modem, plug in both units and follow the app’s instructions. You can name your WiFi networks anything you like, with a single name for everything or different names for each frequency band.

These ZenWiFi systems also offer strong network security features like AiProtection. Your router will instantly stop dangerous websites from compromising your devices and data. Trend Micro’s lifetime subscription to automatic updates ensures your router always has an up-to-date list of banned URLs and servers. And with Instant Guard’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, you can enjoy the same level of security when you’re away from home. When you’re out in public and connected to free WiFi networks, a few taps are all it takes to establish a secure connection.

The most effective ASUS mesh WiFi setups

A standard wireless router may not be able to provide a stable, high-speed signal to every room in larger apartments, multi-story houses, or buildings with thick and dense walls. WiFi repeaters and extenders are one option, but they can be difficult to use regularly. A mesh WiFi setup just makes more sense for most people.

ZenWiFi mesh wireless systems make it easy to set up a home network that offers sufficient bandwidth at every level and in every room. They have an exquisite look that effortlessly complements your home decor. In addition, the free and easy-to-use ASUS router app offers hassle-free setup and powerful security features. If you’re experiencing internet dead zones in your home, consider upgrading your network with a ZenWiFi mesh WiFi system for reliable, high-bandwidth wireless access in every area.

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