Midterm Matchup: When it comes to fundraising, Democrats lead so far – The Christian Science Monitor | Region & Cash

The Democrats face a lot of headwind in the midterms. But money might not be one of them. Democratic candidates have raised significant amounts of money for their campaigns and are overtaking Republicans, particularly among pocket bucks. In June, Democrats raised twice the amount of small donations — $200 or less — than they did … Read more

“The Good Society”, a new funding platform for charities – AL DIA News | Region & Cash

Recently launched by non-profit organization Hero5, The Good Society, a new sustainable funding platform focused on charities, is the first project to target Web3 solutions that raise awareness and support global causes committed to Working to positively impact our communities. “As the world moves to Web3, charities need more fundraising tools to stay ahead of … Read more

Political campaigns, groups use Mar-a-Lago raid to raise funds ahead of midterm election – Fox News | Region & Cash

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The FBI’s raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate has sparked an uproar among several political groups and campaigns, both Democrat and Republican, fundraising ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. The raid is a display of political hyperbole, according to Republican candidates who are using the incident … Read more

The Hermosa Beach Historical Society and Museum is hosting a fundraising gala later this month – Daily Breeze | Region & Cash

Themed “Beach Through the Decades,” the Hermosa Beach Historical Society and Museum’s largest fundraiser will return later this month. In 2019, the gala raised more than $42,000. The goal is to raise more than $30,000 this year after a hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to museum board member Jake Courtney, who is chairing … Read more

The Politics of Your Email Inbox – Shreveport Times | Region & Cash

“Unicorn farts.” “You wouldn’t want me to say that.” “These two are driving me insane.” “I’ll say what the fuck I please.” If you’re thinking these phrases read like email subject lines written by US Senator John Kennedy, you’re right. These are actual subject lines from fundraising calls made by Kennedy’s campaign in recent weeks, … Read more

Pozniak leads fundraising at Cobb School Board swing race – Yahoo News | Region & Cash

Aug. 11 (Reuters) – Democrat Catherine Pozniak has outstripped incumbent opponent David Chastain by more than two to one in the race for the 4th seat on the Cobb Board of Education. Pozniak, a former educator, reported a profit of $22,917 as of the closing date. Chastain, the Republican school board chairman, reported raising $8,018. … Read more

After years in office, Senator Marco Rubio is still baffled by the Florida Bulldog campaign law | Region & Cash

US Senator Marco Rubio Photo: Marco Rubio for the Senate By Dan Christensen, FloridaBulldog.org Republican Marco Rubio, Florida’s senior US Senator, has been in office for more than a decade. You’d think he and his henchmen read, understood, and obeyed the Law on Raising Campaign Funds. nope To win a third six-year term, Rubio has … Read more

The Latest Trend in Fundraising: Gold-Level Clubs for Lobbyists – POLITICO | Region & Cash

For example, one can break bread in Sen. Ben Ray Luján’s “leadership circle.” Donors who reserve a spot in the New Mexico Democrat’s Gold-level campaign club with a $1,000 check are guaranteed a spot at a variety of events promoted by his campaign as intimate gatherings. “Participation will be capped at each event to ensure … Read more

Report: ‘Big Lie’ Spurs Fundraisers at Secretary of State – The Fulcrum | Region & Cash

Election fundraising has steadily increased, reaching unprecedented levels in 2020. This year, numbers are soaring in an arena where little was at stake before: the foreign minister elections. False claims about the 2020 presidential election are driving the exponential surge, fueled by former President Donald Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen from him, … Read more