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KPMG has agreed expanded UAE-focused alliances with Informatica, Snowflake and Microsoft to increase the consultancy’s collaboration with the big three global tech houses to enhance its enterprise data transformation services.

On a global level, KPMG has worked with Microsoft, Informatica and Snowflake for years. The alliances are managed by the company’s consulting department.

Since the launch of its $5 billion investment agenda in digital services and alliances (unveiled in 2019), KPMG member firms from all corners of the world have intensified their collaboration with the three software providers.

However, according to monitoring, KPMG’s recent alliance, which emerged from the lower Gulf, is something of a pioneering feat for the company, as it brings together separate offerings from all three alliance partners under one roof. While it’s not uncommon for client companies to use all three solutions in their technology mix, the formalized collaboration at the front-end is novel.

Branded “Data to the power of 3,” the merger of KPMG’s business and functional expertise with technology solutions from Microsoft, Informatica and Snowflake will allow the consortium to offer “an unbeatable value proposition” in the data transformation landscape, according to Fady Kassatly. Partner at KPMG.

Informatica offers companies a data management platform in the cloud. The platform supports the entire data lifecycle, from storage and engineering to compliance and analytics.

Snowflake helps companies analyze huge data sets and facilitate data-driven work and decision-making. The platform brings together data warehouses and data lakes from different sources to democratize data analysis across the enterprise.

Microsoft offers a range of technology platforms and applications, from comprehensive ERP systems to industry-specific solutions. With its Azure cloud, Microsoft is also one of the world’s largest players in the cloud scene.

“Together we have the ability to unify, integrate, analyze and share previously siled data with a management platform that offers virtually limitless scalability, concurrency and high availability,” said Kassatly.

“This partnership has the potential to transform businesses through growth, efficiency and innovation – all a competitive advantage.” In the meantime, customers don’t need to worry about data compliance. “The data is stored in Microsoft’s on-premises UAE data centers, complying with on-premises data, security and privacy requirements.”

The search for the new gold

The joint start comes at the right time. Investment in data-driven ways of working is growing rapidly, with a recent estimate by International Data Corporation suggesting that around two-thirds of organizations in the UAE are currently engaged in such initiatives.

“Data is the new gold and has become the most important asset a company can own. Organizations are making huge investments to unlock the mysteries and tremendous disruptive potential of data. It is at the heart of new business models, technologies and ecosystems of companies that offer almost everything as a service,” explained Kassatly.

However, the background is one of the challenges. Data-driven working is new, and IT complexities (and legacy systems), data interoperability, and cultural issues can make realizing the benefits a daunting prospect.

Fady Kassatly, Hiren Amin, Waqar Ahmed, Mohamed Zouari and Amr Kamel

In the words of Kassatly, “Despite huge investments in technology, many companies still struggle to realize its full potential.” KPMG and its partners believe they have found a silver bullet to do this, because “when companies fundamentally redefine how they relate to data , they can quickly discover how data can help achieve real competitive advantage.”


For those interested in exploring the data to the power of 3 offering, the four initiators have developed an unobtrusive entry point. A business and data maturity assessment and a quick scan of opportunities sheds a quick light on where companies can benefit and the contours of an (attractive) business case.

After that, the quartet will provide the “tools, technologies and methodologies to support an enterprise data transformation,” said Kassatly, with KPMG at the helm, flanked by its technology partners.

According to a benchmark by ConsultancyME, KPMG is one of the leading data science consultants in the Middle East.

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Leading minds of the new offering include: Fady Kassatly and Hiren Amin (KPMG), Waqar Ahmed (Informatica), Mohamed Zouari (Snowflake) and Amr Kamel (Microsoft).

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