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BOSTON, Mass., February 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — momentum trading, a modern digital retail consulting firm, today announced the formal launch of its Strategy Consulting practice. This division of Momentum Commerce supports brands, private equity firms, investment banks and other organizations with high demands for data-driven research and strategic advice in digital retail. An example of the work of the Strategy Consulting team is part of Momentum Commerce’s long-standing engagement with Thrasio, announced in early 2022.

The Strategy Consulting Team is led by Eileen Devor, who recently joined Momentum Commerce after leading account strategy and analyst teams at Criteo, MMB and Wayfair. It will work closely with Eileen death Bowmanwho came to Momentum Commerce December 2021 after leading e-commerce practices at Merkle and Reprise Digital.

Recent projects the strategy advisory team has undertaken for brand, private equity and investment banking clients include Total Addressable Market (TAM) analysis, multi-year retail channel revenue models and competitive assessments. These projects are supported by Momentum Commerce’s multi-year repository of Amazon search, product and advertising data, along with the extensive experience of its strategy consulting team working to clearly answer critical eCommerce questions for executives.

“Momentum Commerce’s flexible technology and team of Amazon experts have been instrumental in giving our company the confidence to evaluate markets, brands and opportunities on Amazon,” said Kenneth S. Esterow, Operating Partner, TZP Group. “Momentum Commerce’s work has been critical in conducting due diligence on new e-commerce investments, and their expertise has encouraged a number of our portfolio companies to subsequently engage them to manage their Amazon advertising.”

“As the e-commerce space is both growing and evolving rapidly, the questions that brands, private equity firms and investment banks are asking are naturally becoming more complex and multi-faceted,” he said Eileen Devor, Head of Momentum Commerce’s strategy practice. “The reason I joined Momentum Commerce is because the data assets and tools we are building, with tools like the Amazon Brand Index, are designed to address these challenges and help us create more comprehensive and clearly actionable plans for to create our customers.”

Among other areas of growth in 2022, following success in 2021, the Strategy Consulting team is undertaking expanded projects around product line-specific analysis for existing clients, along with market-level due diligence studies for a variety of private equity clients. To support this growing number of projects, the Strategy Consulting team will add more team members throughout the year.

“Working with large consumer brands in my previous roles, there was a clear need to analyze a variety of data sources to solve big challenges, but many roadblocks along the way,” he said death Bowman, principal strategic advisor at Momentum Commerce. “I’m thrilled to be part of a team here at Momentum Commerce that is building solutions to precisely these types of problems, with the deep industry experience necessary to provide the best possible guidance.”

“The launch of our Amazon Strategy Consulting business is another step toward our mission to become the most respected company in data-driven e-commerce sales and marketing,” said John T. Shea, Chief Executive Officer of Momentum Commerce. “It’s an honor to have industry thought leaders like Eileen and Todd on board to join us on the next leg of our journey.”

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