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Consulting services and RFP tracking/update capabilities are provided free of charge as HRS enables faster negotiations and more business volume worldwide

COLOGNE, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Business trip–HRS, the world’s leading business travel and payments technology platform, announced that it will offer its full suite of consulting services to the hotel community in the coming months to support a revitalized corporate accommodation ecosystem. Beyond data-driven advice that reflects their corporate clients’ hotel priorities, HRS automation empowers hotel sales teams to access corporate volume and bid for it more efficiently – all at a time when more corporate programs are failing the RFP process only use tariffs to negotiate, but also other elements that are important for business travelers when they are back on the road.

HRS is doing its part to help corporate accommodation recovery by offering this unique package of local advice, unlimited offer optimization and RFP support to the hotel community free of charge. HRS works with 35 percent of its growing customer base wealth 500 companies in their hotel programs.

“It’s a new era for hotel company sales leaders. Travel patterns and dynamics differ, as do definitions of ‘travel’ and ‘workplace’ for companies,” said Lukasz Dabrowski, Senior Vice President of Global Supplier Relations at HRS. “With volumes recovering and businesses adjusting to regional and national forecasts coupled with the reality of reduced resources at many hotels, HRS is stepping up to offer hotels more opportunities to bid. Our unbiased RFP technology, data-driven analysis and on-site experts in key markets are ready to help relevant hoteliers compete for these nights.”

Streamlined tools help hoteliers analyze and refine volume bids for businesses

HRS technology — with elements specifically designed to help hotels battle for business volume — is particularly helpful for hoteliers at a time when businesses are increasing their request for quotes and hotel sales teams are being rebuilt in the wake of the pandemic. In this flexible environment, hoteliers have 24/7 access to refine, revise and resubmit offer terms – all free of charge – during the negotiation window. Other time-saving highlights include:

  • Streamlined bid submission processes that illustrate progress toward completing bid submission, mandatory items, and more

  • Ability to view elements of competing hotel offers anonymously

  • Multiple pre-populated fields in RFPs, reducing hotelier response time

  • Simplified user flow that addresses evolving business needs

  • Efficient ways to address the convergence of RFPs for different segments

Transformative attribute-based housing sourcing as priorities and processes have evolved

As new patterns emerge in the evolving post-pandemic corporate accommodation industry, HRS combines transit, group, meeting and new long-stay segment shopping concepts to showcase the totality of expected customer spend. HRS reflects the new priorities of companies – going beyond simple rates and amenities – and helps hoteliers align with the key elements of modern corporate hotel programs. This is particularly important given the unforeseen elements impacting business travel procurement in various locations, including factors such as pandemic outbreaks, political instability, environmental changes and weather-related disasters.

Launched by HRS in 2021, the “5S framework” has proven effective in capturing the evolving scope of new requirements from the vast majority of corporate hotel programs. HRS is educating its hotel partners on the 5S framework and how continuously addressing these elements can help hoteliers gain more recurring volume. The 5S framework includes:

  • security

  • satisfaction

  • savings

  • sustainability

  • security

“HRS is committed to transparent cooperation with companies and hotels in order to conduct automated and more targeted negotiations,” concludes Dabrowski. “There is no longer an ‘RFP Season’ per se. Instead, automation is driving shortened four-week cycles that allow companies to be more nimble and focused in their procurement activities throughout the year. Mix that with prioritized hygiene and sustainability requirements, and hotels compete in a completely transformed sourcing process.”

Hoteliers can learn more about HRS partnering scenarios and RFP support at Hoteliers attending the Global Business Travel Association conference in San Diego August 14-17 can visit HRS at booth #3229.

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HRS is reinventing the way businesses and governments work, live and pay in today’s dynamic global marketplace. HRS’ advanced platform technology extends its reach beyond hospitality to include meetings, office space management, payment efficiency and crisis management. In addition to cost savings in the post-pandemic global economy, HRS clients benefit from an unrivaled focus on essentials such as safety, security and satisfaction. HRS is also known for its award-winning Green Stay Initiative, technology that helps corporate hotel programs meet their NetZero goals, and for its groundbreaking Crew & Passengers Solution, which uses automation to transform the experience for airline and airline travelers improve rail operations. HRS was founded in 1972 and works with 35 percent of the global wealth 500, as well as the world’s leading hotel chains, regional hospitality groups and payment providers. For more information, visit


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