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The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH in October 2021.

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Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business is not only recognized as one of the best MBA programs in the country (wealth ranks it #10), but its students are also highly sought after by the top consulting firms in the US. according to school employment statistics.

Tuck is a relatively small business school with about 300 graduates per year. By comparison, Harvard Business School has about 900 graduates and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business has about 600. In 2021, 252 Tuck students were looking for jobs, and 97% of those students had accepted a job offer by fall 2021, according to employment statistics Around 90 MBA graduates from Dartmouth Tuck came to the consultation last year.

“All of the top MBA programs do an excellent job of selecting and training candidates with an aptitude for the hard skills consulting firms are looking for, but Tuck students stand out for their strong people skills,” Stephen Pidgeon, Executive Director of Career Services at Tuck, narrated Wealth. “The Tuck experience is intentionally designed to work on team and leadership skills, and as such, Tuck graduates are very prone to do so [emotional intelligence]which is incredibly valuable in consulting.”

Who Hires Dartmouth MBA Graduates?

Tuck’s 2021 Employment Report didn’t provide a breakdown of how many graduates were hired by each individual company, but each year about a third of the school’s senior year enters counseling. 20% of the entire class were hired by McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co. and the Boston Consulting Group – also known as the “Big Three” according to a blog post by Dartmouth Tuck.

These three companies paid recent MBA graduates a base salary of $165,000 in 2021, with bonuses bringing the salary packages to nearly $240,000, according to data from Management Consulted, a company that provides entry-level preparation and training offers to the industry. By comparison, all MBA graduates earned an average salary of $115,000 — which is 77% higher than workers with only a bachelor’s degree, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2021 Survey of Recruiters.

One of the reasons consulting firms spend money on MBA graduates is competition for the best candidates, says Pidgeon. “Consultancy firms make sure they compare each other so that once one raises salaries, the other lags behind.”

Median base salaries at McKinsey, Bain and the Boston Consulting Group rise to $175,000 for MBA graduates beginning in 2022, according to data Management Consulted collected from its clients who received written job offers.

Why Tuck Grads Make Great Counseling Candidates

Tuckies, as they are called, are considered team players – and that goes well with a consulting job.

“We find that MBA programs train strong problem solvers who are intellectually curious, innovative, strong team players and excellent relationship builders,” said Adriana Crespo, manager of recruitment operations at McKinsey, previously Wealth. “These skills, along with a business foundation, help MBA graduates excel as consultants.”

Namaan Mian, a director at Management Consulted, also credits Pidgeon’s leadership for the school’s success in placing consulting candidates, he previously said Wealth. A former McKinsey consultant, Pidgeon has written several books on case interviewing (a pillar of most consulting business interviews) and getting into the consulting field.

“When you work in a team all day, shoulder-to-shoulder with clients in often stressful or high-pressure situations, it’s important that your advisors are people who enjoy working with others and are capable, strong, trust-based Building relationships,” says Pidgeon. “The worst thing a consulting firm can do is hire someone who doesn’t play well with others.”

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