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An MBA is sure to open doors. 84% of business masters and MBA graduates say the degree has helped them achieve their professional goals, and two-thirds of candidates advance at least one professional level after graduating.

Candidates can find exciting MBA job opportunities in everything from sales to marketing to finance. However, some industries pay special attention to MBA graduates.

The big three consulting firms — McKinsey, Bain, and BCG — top the list of largest MBA employers, alongside companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and JP Morgan.

So what are the top jobs that require an MBA?

For all of these positions, an MBA is either a requirement (mostly in the US) or gives you an obvious competitive advantage over other candidates.

6. Investment Banker

The financial services sector is popular with MBAs, especially investment banking. In this area you will support clients with their investments, advise on mergers and acquisitions and on risk management.

Corporates often prefer MBAs for investment banking positions because of their broad knowledge of finance and management, as well as valuable critical thinking skills. For example, both Morgan Stanley and Bank of America require applicants for their Investment Banking Associate positions to have an MBA.

5. Head of Human Resources

MBA graduates often take on high-level management positions after completing their studies. This is even more pronounced for candidates who previously only held entry-level positions – more than 85% of these candidates advance through the managerial ranks upon graduation.

HR manager is a popular MBA job because it combines both classic MBA knowledge with soft skills in communication and analysis that graduates acquire during their studies. Companies also rate MBA graduates positively for this position. Microsoft requires that candidates for their HR Privacy Manager role have an MBA.

4. Financial Analyst

Finance will continue to be one of the most popular industries for MBA graduates as technology opens up new opportunities. This includes roles in fields such as fintech and data and financial analytics. As an analyst, you evaluate data to make investment or risk decisions, for both global banks and large corporations.

Senior Financial Analyst positions often require an MBA, particularly in the US. Large companies such as Boeing, PepsiCo and Siemens state in their job descriptions that applicants with an MBA are preferred over others. Similarly, Amazon lists an MBA as one of its top job requirements for higher-level financial analyst jobs.

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3.Chief Marketing Officer

A Chief Marketing Officer, serving at the top of a company, makes important decisions about marketing strategy. They evaluate sales and profits, negotiate contracts and monitor the marketing budget.

As with any senior position, an MBA is often preferred in both the UK and US, while some companies consider it a requirement. Companies that favor candidates with an MBA for CMO positions include investment bank Citi and Ford Motor Company.

2. Product Manager

A product manager is a varied role that combines knowledge of sales, finance and marketing. As such, MBA graduates are often hired in senior product management positions, and their responsibility is to oversee how a company’s product meets customer needs and expectations.

Only one company that prioritizes MBA graduates for these types of roles is Apple, which says an MBA is a “plus” for product manager job descriptions. Amazon plans to increase hiring of MBAs in 2022.

1. Business Advisor

Business consulting is one of the most popular avenues for MBA graduates. The big three consulting firms in the US hire thousands of MBA graduates each year, and one-third of McKinsey’s new hires have an MBA. These companies also offer summer internships specifically for MBAs that can later lead to a full-time position.

Employees and consultants at all of the big three consulting firms often require an MBA. McKinsey, for example, requires that its employees have an “advanced college degree” in addition to 5+ years of work experience.

McKinsey, Bain and BCG plan to increase MBA advisor salaries in 2022.

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