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Dallas, December 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pariveda, A leader focused on solving complex technology and business problems announces the acquisition of Thought Ensemble. With the addition of Thought Ensemble, Pariveda now offers holistic business strategy, program execution and change management to support organizational transformation.

Thought Ensemble offers clients five pillars of service: strategy, organization and operations, technology assessment and planning, strategic program management, and change enablement. This significant move will expand Pariveda’s ability to deliver compelling value by providing a holistic complement of services to the C-suite of organizations, their customers and a larger marketplace. As we align our focus in people development with our clients’ mission, we remain committed to helping our people become thought leaders, innovators, and trusted advisors to our clients.

Thought Ensemble’s talented group of leaders and practitioners with proven credentials are highly aligned with Pariveda’s core values ​​and commitment to empowering people and helping their clients achieve lasting success through problem-solving together. The combination with Thought Ensemble allows Pariveda to continue serving the C-suite and solving both the business and technology problems they as leaders seek to overcome. Thought Ensemble is a strong complement to Pariveda’s business and product advisory capabilities and will operate under the co-branded name “Thought Ensemble, a Pariveda company”.

“The acquisition of Thought Ensemble enables Pariveda to offer our customers more holistic services and solutions, transforming them to grow profitably and better serve their customers. Our clients need consultants to help them define transformative business strategies and achieve winning outcomes through innovative business processes and technology solutions to their most complex problems. At Pariveda, we align our people development purpose with our clients’ missions, and Thought Ensemble will add robust capabilities to solve our clients’ business and technology challenges,” said Kerry StoverCOO Pariveda.

“So many of our customers’ business transformations are being driven by technology. Joining Pariveda allows us to address their challenges and opportunities holistically, with comprehensive business, product and technology capabilities,” said Lisa Jasper, Founder and CEO of Thought Ensemble. “Pariveda, like us, believes in bringing different perspectives together to create great ideas and solve complex problems. Together we can bring our people to their full potential to meet C-suite needs in this ever-changing world.”

“Our world is undergoing profound change. Entire industries are transforming. Businesses are looking for trusted advisors to guide them and solve business problems with solid strategy and technology solutions to achieve winning outcomes,” he said Bruce Ballengee, CEO of Pariveda. “Pariveda helps our clients navigate disruption and transform their organizations through technology and business changes, evolving their organizations to reach their highest potential.”

About Pariveda Solutions, Inc.

Pariveda is a consulting firm that solves complex technology and business problems by aligning its focus on people development with our clients’ mission. As an employee-owned company, our employees are naturally curious, ambitious individuals who are comfortable with complexity. We are committed to helping our clients identify, design and develop customized solutions to help their business thrive now and in the future. headquarters in Dallas, Texaswe live and work in big cities around the world North America. To learn more about how we create custom solutions that help organizations succeed, visit our website: www.parivedasolutions.com.

Pariveda Solutions and The Business of IT are trademarks of Pariveda Solutions, Inc., Dallas, TexasUNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

About Thought Ensemble:

thought ensemble is a management consulting firm focused on helping our clients achieve significant business transformation. We founded our company on the simple idea that there is a better way to solve challenging problems with our customers. We bring diverse perspectives together to better contextualize challenges, strategize to solve them, and implement plans that actually take root. Through this collaborative approach to understanding issues at the organizational, project and individual levels, we achieve meaningful outcomes with our clients. We hope to inspire every organization we touch to better solve problems together, thereby better managing transformation in this world where the only constant is change itself.

To learn more about how Thought Ensemble supports strategy development through meaningful execution, visit our website: www.thoughtensemble.com.

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