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After years of helping government agencies with supply chain risk management (SCRM), the new multi-year SaaS contract offers federal agencies a streamlined path to obtain critical solutions and expertise to effectively identify risk and proactively manage supplier health

WASHINGTON and NEW YORK, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Exiger, a leading global risk and compliance SaaS company, announced today that it has received a “first of its kind” engagement from the US General Services Administration (GSA) as a trusted partner to deliver a Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) and Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) enhanced capabilities that are made available across the US federal government. the perennial, $74.5 million, Procurement builds on Exiger’s SCRM work with the Department of Defense (DoD), which has been tested and proven in multiple scenarios. GSA will now expand access to Exiger’s SCRM solutions, enabling all government agencies to share risk insights and consistently manage supplier risk and health across the US federal government enterprise. This enterprise solution enables significant efficiencies, including volume discounts, cross-organizational data sharing, enhanced collaboration, and development of supply chain risk mitigation strategies.



the perennial, $74.5 millionProcurement builds on Exiger’s SCRM work with the Department of Defense

As a shared service provider, the GSA supports nationwide award procedures. By partnering with departments and agencies across the federal government to select Exiger as their enterprise SCRM platform, the GSA offers all government agencies a flexible and direct contract path to quickly obtain the technology and expertise needed to identify and manage risk and to advance their SCRM projects are required this fiscal year.

The Exiger platform will empower government agencies with real-time capabilities to quickly uncover, understand and mitigate critical threats and vulnerabilities across their entire supplier ecosystem and provide unprecedented visibility to protect global supply chains at unprecedented speed and scale. As part of the enterprise-wide SaaS contract, Exiger’s platform will manage critical risk areas including but not limited to: Cyber ​​Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM), Foreign Ownership Control or Influence (FOCI), Financial Health (FH) , Financial Crime Compliance (FCC), Sanctions and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). This allows government agencies to proactively identify vulnerabilities, areas of potential compromise and industrial espionage before they become pervasive. Exiger also offers managers of government procurement programs the ability to proactively manage supply chain risk down to the item, parts and raw material level.

Exiger enables customers to manage traditional supplier risk types including operational resiliency, financial health, supply disruption, or anti-bribery/anti-corruption risks that serve as the foundation of any SCRM or TPRM program. But unlike other vendors, Exiger also offers the first and only proprietary risk assessment model that includes FOCI, ESG and C-SCRM risks to identify trusted and resilient suppliers.

“The GSA award is a testament to Exiger’s commitment to building supply chain resilience across the US federal government.” said Carrie Wibben, President of Exiger Government Solutions. “By selecting Exiger as the government-wide enterprise SCRM platform, the GSA is creating a shared community of interest and an unprecedented opportunity to share supplier risk intelligence by centralizing aligned stakeholders to leverage cutting-edge technology that will help address critical threats and vulnerabilities in the reduce supply chain. Users can now access invaluable risk insights and come together as federal companies to effectively and holistically mitigate potential threats across the federal government. Over 30 government organizations have already deployed Exiger’s enterprise SCRM solution, and we hope each will Agency uses this platform and joins this federal community to build resilience in our sub-tier supplier ecosystem while strengthening our defenses against adversary attacks and intellectual property theft.”

Exiger expanded its cooperation with the federal government March 2020 during the COVID-19 response, where their SCRM platform was deployed to quickly discover and screen tens of thousands of global medical suppliers to enable the safe and reliable sourcing of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and PPE that healthcare workers need to save lives. Since then, DoD has scaled its Exiger deployment to the defense contractor to deliver actionable insights in a standardized, scalable solution in support of the government’s SCRM and vendor review mission.

“Since our inception, Exiger has leveraged our expertise to create technology that solves the toughest problems in third-party verification, supplier verification and supply chain risk management by delivering insights, not just data,” said Brandon Daniels, CEO of Exiger. “Our technology has proven itself during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been trusted by the Department of Defense and other federal departments and agencies for years to provide immediate, large-scale insight into critical supply chains and their associated risks. This GSA award represents a significant government commitment to provide comprehensive SCRM and TPRM capabilities which we believe will become the standard in the fight to protect our critical supply chains and ensure that only trusted suppliers do business with the US government can do. We’re excited to expand the power of the Exiger AI platform across the federal government and create new best practices for SCRM that will benefit our entire customer base.”

Exiger Supply Chain Risk Management software and services are now available to all federal agencies through GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-0292U / Order Number: 47QFHA22F0027. For more information, contact the Exiger team at SCREnterprise@exiger.com; or register for the Exiger webinar series.

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