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The technical consultancy will help Formentera Partners define their data strategy and select an end-to-end upstream data platform to provide users with cutting-edge tools that will significantly advance Formentera’s technology and data initiatives

HOUSTON & OKLAHOMA CITY, July 26, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Datagration, the leading end-to-end data platform for upstream oil and gas, and Novus Consulting, a leading provider of data transformation, technical expertise and consulting services, announced a strategic partnership to accelerate analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) initiatives for Formentera Partners. By combining Novus’ deep industry knowledge with Datagration’s leading unified data model and apps, Formentera is able to accelerate its analytics and AI/ML initiatives to acquire responsibly producing oil and gas assets in US continental basins and to optimize.

Evaluating and investing in new technological systems can be a daunting task for any leadership team. For this reason, Novus was selected by Formentera, an emerging, forward-thinking operator, to identify a “full-stack” operational platform. Novus set several criteria and benchmarks to define the best option for Formentera and chose Datagration’s innovative data transformation solutions.

“It is well known that there is a tremendous need for data and operational management in the oil and gas upstream space, and choosing the right solutions can become a complicated and time-consuming process,” said Kate Stevenson, founding partner at Novus. “Enterprise technology journeys can go awry for so many different reasons that implementing the right solutions and services is imperative. In the end, the PetroVisor platform provided by Datagration was the obvious choice.”

Novus’ personalized system selection and implementation services, coupled with their in-depth industry knowledge, have enabled them to bring infinite value to countless businesses. Executives are often hesitant about digital transformation because many software implementations fall short of expectations. Novus offers a higher level of confidence and security to any company looking to embark on their technology journey.

“We are very excited to partner with Novus to accompany Formentera on its data transformation journey,” said Peter Bernard, CEO of Datagration. “This partnership will help establish Formentera as a leading, forward-thinking and data-centric operator. Together with Novus, we look forward to providing technology that enables a thriving and efficient data platform.”

Datagration has made significant strides in the oil and gas industry to provide E&P companies with immediate value and return on investment by optimizing data models through its PetroVisor platform. PetroVisor automates the flow of data and knowledge throughout the E&P value chain by breaking down existing data silos. This enables scalability, speed of deployment and data visibility across the enterprise.

“We look forward to beginning our technology journey with Novus and Datagration at the helm,” said Blake London, Managing Partner of Formentera Partners. “We can’t wait to expand our data and AI initiatives and bring the benefits of Datagration’s and Novus’ deep knowledge and technical excellence to our business strategy.”

About data migration

Datagration provides the world’s oil and gas companies with the tools they need to integrate and model data to generate meaningful insights and decisions every day. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and technologists work hand-in-hand with our clients to build a single source of truth used across the enterprise for data analysis, benchmarking, internal collaboration, financial analysis, and more. To learn more about Datagration and the PetroVisor platform, visit

About Novus Consulting

Novus Consulting LLC is an Oklahoma-based IT consulting firm that offers the comprehensive skillset and deep industry knowledge needed to help you solve the most complex problems an organization faces. Customers turn to Novus to develop technology landscapes that scale with business growth, manage the integration of new assets and a meaningful IT strategy for future growth, assist with information analysis, applications and processes, assess and update technology systems, and audit -Meet requirements, implement data standards and automate processes. Novus cares about results, but not at the expense of people.

About Formentera partners

Formentera Partners, LP is an energy focused private equity firm founded in 2020 by Bryan Sheffield, Blake London and Paul Treadwell based in Austin, Texas. Formentera responsibly acquires and optimizes producing oil and gas assets in the coastal basins of the United States. Leveraging extensive operational, technical and financial experience, the Formentera team utilizes rigorous due diligence, hedging, optimized structures and new age technology to deliver visible and predictable returns.

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