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Here’s everything from day two of the CDL 2022 Championships. Featuring exclusive post-game interviews.

The Call of Duty League Championships resumed after a long five game day to kick off the event on day two. With four five games in a row yesterday we moved into day two with four more incredible games.

New York Subliners 3-2 London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens started their elimination bracket run with a 250-214 Gavutu Hardpoint win over the New York Subliners. Nastie was incredible on this map, racking up 30 kills and 1.43 K/D as the Royal Ravens took a 1-0 lead in the series. Nastie continued this impressive performance with 2.25 K/D in the following Desert Siege Search and Destroy. London have been the best Desert Siege team in the game all year, suffering just one loss. However, teams continue to play them on it and continue to regret that decision.

When we returned to Gavutu for map three, the London Royal Ravens lost their chance of a 3-0 to a 3-1 loss by Gavutu Control. The New York Subliners defended the points perfectly while Hydra dominated the map with 1.26 K/D to bring NYSL back into the series. NYSL forced a fifth game with a dominant Berlin Hardpoint where they took the lead with a 250-173 win. The entire team put on an exceptional performance as they defeated the London Royal Ravens with a whopping 34 kills to level the streak 2-2 and move ever closer to reverse.

The New York Subliners finished in reverse with a 6-4 Berlin Search and Destroy win to end the streak. After sending former Champs teammates Gismo and Afro home, Hydra told ESTNN it was a “bitter sweet” win. “Obviously I’m happy because I won, I won’t be sad. But I saw Afro and I thought damn I was just playing with this guy.

Toronto Ultra 3-1 Boston Breach

Toronto Ultra entered this series with a knockout from the Champs. With such a season of ups and downs, Toronto wants to end it on a high and they started off in the right way with a 250-170 Tuscan Hardpoint win. Bance and Cammy were the main killers here, with Bance grabbing 33 kills while Cammy lost 1.33 K/D as Toronto went 1-0 up in that elimination series.

Boston Breach bounced back with a dominant 6-0 Desert Siege Search and Destroy. Toronto Ultras Search and Destroy has been missing in recent games and Boston took full advantage as Vivid and Nero rampaged around the map to even the series. Nero’s 9/2 performance was the best in the lobby as he continues to impress in his rookie year. After a back-and-forth at Berlin Control, Toronto Ultra prevailed with a 3-2 win to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Cammy impressed with a 1.20 K/D before going up another notch in the following Berlin Hardpoint, dropping a 1.64 in her 250-218 win.

Toronto Ultra has also focused on the grassroots of Call of Duty esports, fielding two Challengers rosters. Commenting on MarkyB, “I think it gives us an advantage, we trained our academy team before the game while Boston was going cold,” he told ESTNN.

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 Seattle Surge

Pred was named Rookie of the Year prior to that game, while Cellium was named regular-season MVP. The two went head-to-head in that duel, and Rookie of the Year Pred let the Galen Center know he’s here to stay on map one. Atlanta FaZe held a 244-204 lead and Seattle Surge pulled off an incredible comeback that saw Pred defeat three FaZe players in a row to close the map.

Atlanta FaZe rallied with two maps on the go, bringing the series to 2-1 before Seattle Surge made another notable comeback at map four. Sib played a nice pitch at P4 in Berlin, waiting for the final hill to pop before taking down several FaZe players from behind, winning the map and forcing a map five. That map five went the distance, with Atlanta FaZe ending it to win the series 3-2.

Tuscan P5 through P1 has been a tough rotation for any individual team this year, but FaZe may have struggled the most. “That’s the map. It’s really hard to keep it, so a lot of teams are losing it.”

LA Thieves 3-0 OpTic Texas

LA Thieves went into this series with incredible confidence. Don’t call me on Gavutu from earlier in the season came back for this card, and it rang true as LA Thieves dominated and put OpTic in the 100-point club. Envoy didn’t have to do much in that 250-58 win, his 2.14 K/D coming with just 13 kills across the map as LAT took a 1-0 lead in that winning match.

Map two was much closer than the first, with this Berlin Search and Destroy ending 6-4. Once again, this was in the LA Thieves’ favor, with Drazah taking over the map and notching 13 kills and 2.17 K/D as the Thieves took a 2-0 lead over OpTic Texas in that series. The Thieves continued their dominance over OpTic Texas, winning the following Gavutu Control 3-2 to win the series 3-0.

Gavutu was one of the LA Thieves’ best cards earlier in the year. Despite going through a rough patch mid-season, they seem to be back at their best. “We lost confidence but I think we’re back at our best now on Gav,” Kenny told ESTNN in a post-game press conference.

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