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China’s National Counterintelligence and Surveillance Networks and the China Foreign Counterespionage Bureau managed to dismantle all US spy networks across Chinese territory. The amazing thing is that the Chinese surrounded all American CIA officers and informants who went to Chinese restaurants to meet their customers and the network of American spies in China, all of which were under the control of Chinese intelligence. Every restaurant in China, according to what was announced by the secret reports of American intelligence, and what is frustrating is the work of these workers in Chinese restaurants and their holding of various military and security ranks in (Chinese National Counterintelligence Service).

Which prompted the Central Intelligence Agency to withdraw and smuggle many agents, whistleblowers and spies for America out of China since 2010 to date, due to their losses there and the vigilance of the Chinese. Which resulted in the CIA suffering horrible casualties as a result of this major failure it suffered in penetrating deep into Chinese territory. Perhaps this brings me back to the memory of what happened in a very similar way, considering what was done to the CIA in the Soviet Union as well after many American agents were discovered in Soviet countries. The terrible shock was that the real reason for the exposure of American agents on Soviet soil was the betrayal within the CIA itself, when American spies were extradited to their Soviet fighters by the American FBI agent (Robert Hansen), the head of the same counterintelligence unit in the CIA whose name is (Aldrich Ames) recruited by the Russian secret service “KGB”.

The dreaded Soviet in the 1970s and 1980s and during the Cold War period between the American and Soviet factions.

The reason that the Chinese secret service is dismantling all American spy networks on Chinese soil is that the (Chinese anti-espionage service) was able to uncover a modern surveillance system organized by the (US National Security Agency) “NSA” from Taiwan. First, CIA agents went to American student in Shanghai, China, “Glenn Shriver,” who was collecting American defensive-type information for Chinese intelligence to make money to inspire American students studying abroad and increase their patriotism motivate the (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) “FBI” issued (a video reveals the betrayal of American student “Glenn Shriver”).

And instances of genuine Chinese hacking by American intelligence have been uncovered, including what happened in March 2017 when US State Department staffer “Candice Clinburn” was arrested after discovering she had secret contacts with Chinese officials and her bank account had exposed the scandal of money flow to her from China, also Chinese officials showered her with valuable gifts and showered her with money, including: an iPhone, a laptop, a fully furnished apartment and many other advantages. But “Clinburn” did not admit her mistake, and no one could prove that she passed information to the Chinese through American agents.

In another discovered case of Chinese espionage in Washington, 53-year-old “Jerry Chun Xin Li” was arrested at New York Airport in January 2018. We find here that “Jerry Chun Xin Li” is an American citizen of Chinese descent who served in the US Armed Forces in the 1980s and has worked for the Central Intelligence Agency since 1994, where he had access to top secret documents. In 2007, he retired and went to “Hong Kong” with his family, and there he worked in an auction house owned by a senior Chinese Communist Party official and was face-identified for China and recruited by the CIA.

In addition, the US secret communications system used in China is known as:


What was used by a network of American agents in China was very primitive, and the most dangerous thing was that it was connected through the Internet, and it was very similar to the American intelligence communications system in the Middle East, where the network environment is less dangerous. It is clear that the American intelligence geniuses did not fully appreciate the skills of the Chinese hackers and hackers. And when the American investigative team conducted tests to trace the Chinese intrusion, they found that the American communication system with the network of agents and spies in China contains a serious flaw, since after entering it is easily possible to access a lot broader clandestine communications system as the CIA used it and interacted with its agents and agent networks around the world through it.

More seriously, the CIA was particularly concerned as they feared that Chinese intelligence might have shared this information with its Russian counterpart and informed them of ways to gain access to the “Covcom” communications system to inform US intelligence with its agents in to contact chinese country.

What increased American fears is the disappearance of a number of American informants and spies already active in Russia who cut off communications with their agents from the American side at the same time as the American intelligence network in China collapsed, confirming that the Chinese also spy on the secret communication code of the Americans spying in the Russian lands.

Due to the abject failure of American intelligence in the face of Chinese superiority, in November 2021 he attempted to respond to the (Chinese National Counterintelligence Service) by indicting the American jury on charges of spying for Chinese intelligence officer (Yangun Shu), the deputy director of the department in the ( Sixth Office of the Ministry of State Security) of the Chinese officer in Jiangsu Province who acts as the main intelligence agency of the Chinese Communist Party and accused him of spying on US and Western military interests on behalf of China, to obtain US military secrets and such further, and this is where the Chinese officer (Yangun Shu) was arrested in Belgium in 2018. Then the final verdict was issued against the Chinese officer (Yangun Shu Shu) on November 5, 2021, in which the Chinese intelligence officer was found guilty by a US federal jury of committing charges of “conspiracy and attempted economic and military espionage and commercial theft.” was found and military secrets for China”.

Here “Yang Shuo” is considered the first Chinese intelligence officer extradited to the United States of America. His case shows how China sought to acquire military-industrial secrets in order to militarily modernize its armed forces, which eventually enabled the People’s Liberation Army to build its vast network of advanced Chinese weapons very quickly.

The most important thing to note here is that according to the (China National Security Law), every Chinese citizen and Chinese company is obliged to cooperate with the CCP and its leaders on national security matters. In practice, this means that Chinese companies doing business with foreign companies are still required to share any technology or information they receive with the Chinese military or intelligence agencies in the Chinese state. Likewise, all Chinese researchers and PhD students working on science, technology, engineering or mathematics projects are expected to share their research results with Beijing for the benefit and development of their country.

Accordingly, the extent of the widespread spread of the Chinese in America, Europe and the world is clear, first to preserve their safety and the security of their homeland, and then to obtain all the advanced technologies that enable them to develop and develop the industrial and modernize their country’s military infrastructure, and this showed “William Ivanina”, the head of the United States Counterintelligence and National Security Center, that the Chinese are adept in this field using a variety of means (the Chinese Ministry of State Security , United Front Action Department, People’s Liberation Army).

The Chinese are also using a variety of sophisticated tactics in this framework, including the latest electronic spying devices and systems to remotely access sensitive information and so-called “signal intelligence technology” to quickly gather information, as well as electronic intelligence. which enabled him to decipher all the blades of American espionage and wiretapping devices on his soil and abroad. Thus, the vision of the reasons for the dismantling of all US spy networks by Chinese intelligence on its land becomes perfectly clear to us.

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