Christian Eriksen full transcript of first interview as United player – Man Utd | Region & Cash

How was your experience in London?

“It was nice, a nice time. I mean things are going well, we obviously stayed in the league and the whole atmosphere at the club has turned into something very positive. I am forever grateful for what they have done. I mean they showed interest, they showed that from day one they cared about wanting me back, to be able to give me the stage to perform, and they did, so I had a very good time, and like I said, I told them I called them and wished them well. It’s a great football club.”

United’s first away game in the league is, of course, at Brentford. Will this be a nice opportunity for you to say goodbye to the fans and the staff down there who took such good care of you?

“Yes, in any case. I’ve already spoken to most of them and said what the future will bring. Of course it will be fun to see the fans in the stadium – the atmosphere in the stadium was very nice, it was a very, very good feeling and an impressive atmosphere, but it will definitely be very different to play as a United player in Brentford than to play on the home team.

What’s it like to be on the other side against United, how was that experience for you?

“They have always been very good. There have been some very tough games in between, but always good memories. It was always very special to play at Old Trafford. In general, it’s always like that when you play against a club as big as Manchester United something with it. Like I said, it’s going to be weird to be on the other side.

United fans love creative playmakers – Scholes, Carrick, Charlton, Best, Cantona to name a few. How does it feel knowing they’re talking about you in the same breath?

“It means a lot. As you said, it’s a club with a lot of history. A lot of big, big players have been here and of course to be on that list, first and foremost I’m here to play and to prove that I’m on that list but looking back it’s a big list with some very, very big names.”

What are your ambitions for this coming season, personally here at United and of course professionally at United?

“I’m pretty sure of course the ambitions are to get back to the top. It’s the club’s dream and the story is the best now, so I think the only goal is to get as high as possible go and see where it goes.” takes us. But I think the goal is definitely to win something.

You mentioned there that the fans want us to fight for trophies where this football club should be challenging – what would you say to those fans when you arrive?

“Yeah, I don’t just think with my arrival, but there’s a good vibe about the whole thing. I mean, the whole club seems to be in a good place. So hopefully it’s something we can move forward with. I’ve seen that pre-season Play and it’s looking good, the team is looking good, I think that’s definitely something we can push for and I hope I can help the fans come to the games and enjoy the football, to that we’re going to play.”

You’ve committed to a long-term contract here at United. Could you imagine ending your career here?
“I dont know! I think I read somewhere that you have to be 35 before you can retire, so I’ll be 33 when the contract ends, so I’ve got a few years left. Like I said, you never know what football holds. I’ve seen it firsthand. Things can happen, so you really have to do one day at a time. Say one day at a time and see what comes and goes, but no, I’m happy to be here and we’ll see what the future brings.”

You discussed your ambitions with United there, but what about your national team – it’s a big year for the Danish side, isn’t it?

“Yes, very much. Since I did my rehab last year the goal and dream obviously was to be back and in shape for the World Cup when I could and now finally to be back and definitely aiming for the World Cup, that’s a good thing. It’s something we all dream of playing at a World Cup. I’ve been there and I’ve done it before and I think it’s something to hold on to forever. But now you’re leaving back to a World Cup with Denmark, it’s very special.”

What can the players expect from you in and around the dressing room here at United? how are you

“Um, they’ll find out! No, I’m an open person. I like to play football. I like to do the fun things on the pitch. I’m there and I help. If I need to help someone, I help someone.” by being a team player.”

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