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AAfter four seasons full of funny interviews, impressions and lots of laughter, Desus & Mero is over. The late-night talk show Showtime, which premiered as a nightly show in 2019 before transitioning to a weekly format, was hosted by the charismatic, witty Bronx native duo Desus Nice and The Kid Mero (real names Daniel Baker and Joel). Martinez).

The news was confirmed by the show’s official Twitter account on Monday, in a post that read, “Bodega Hive: The illustrious @desusnice and @THEKIDMERO will be pursuing separate creative endeavors going forward. #DESUSandMERO will not return to SHOWTIME. It was a good run, Fam.”

The show’s cancellation also ends nearly a decade of creative collaboration between Desus and Mero, who first met on Twitter in 2013 and launched their unique brand of humor with a podcast titled Complex Desus vs. Mero. The couple later split from Complex and rebranded the podcast as the Bodega Boyswhich led to a talk show with Viceland that premiered in 2016 and ran for two seasons (including a live special on the 2016 presidential election starring noted political pundit Cardi B) before bringing their talents to Showtime.

The end of Desus & Mero comes amid internet speculation of drama between the two hosts, rumors fueled by a scathing Reddit post by Mero in a thread about the show, as well as cryptic tweets from Desus.

Her self-proclaimed “No. 1 Show in Late Night’ was widely considered a cultural turning point, bringing a fresh perspective and sharp wit to the genre’s very white and homogenous mainstream. Desus and Mero regularly chatted about the cultural zeitgeist, roasted local and A-list celebrities (often complete with impressions) and discussed the day’s news.

However, it was her candid and unfiltered interviews with “sublime guests” that set her apart in the late-night space. Whether it was getting down from the Bronx with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or making David Letterman, whom they dubbed the “Michael Jordan of Late Night,” squirm, the couple had an uncanny ability to calm their subjects and to allow them to open up and share their hearts while laughing too.

As viewers splutter at the end of a truly popular show, here are five standouts Desus & Mero Interviews with some truly illustrious guests.

Denzel Washington

The duo kicked off their final season by interviewing legendary actor Denzel Washington for the season four premiere. While the two-time Oscar winner took the obligatory moment to talk about his impressive cinematic work, including his latest film The Tragedy of Macbethhe was beyond excited to discuss his favorite spots for a slice of pizza while riding the 2 train down from the Bronx.

dr fauci

At the height of the pandemic-related panic in March 2020, Desus and Mero conducted a valuable interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, then a member of Donald Trump’s White House coronavirus task force and now senior medical adviser to President Biden. The interview added a much-needed lightness to the seriousness of the situation, as Fauci offered practical advice, solid scientific facts, and a bit of reassurance. One of the more gratifying moments of the interview, however, was when Fauci, a native of Brooklyn, spoke about the New York Yankees with Desus and Mero, two of the franchise’s most vocal and devoted fans.

President Obama

President Obama could get the cake from all the illustrious guests of Desus and Mero. The 44th President spoke to the Bodega Boys at Howard University’s Founders’ Library, where he complained about not carrying “kicks” or a pair of timbs to the interview, toasted Desus and Mero’s basketball skills, and lashed out for his often scolded jokes made fun of himself tan “Suitghazi” suit.

Michelle Yeoh

Throughout Michelle Yeoh’s impressive four-decade career as an action film star, she often faced sexism from her male co-stars, who underestimated her ability to pull off her own stunts and often forced her to prove her skills and break the record to correct . That Everything, everywhere, all at once Star charmingly recounted this experience during her interview with Desus and Mero, before Desus stepped in to help her recreate a scene, with hilarious results.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders sat down with Desus and Mero ahead of his campaign for the 2020 presidential election. While the interview covered a lot of political issues, from marijuana legalization to AOC, it also gave us gems like revealing Sanders’ friendships with rappers Killer Mike and Cardi B. The high point of the interview, however, could be Sanders’ more utter and utter Be Horror Discover the high cost of collecting and flipping sneakers.

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