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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Star Xochitl Gomez talks about playing America Chavez, her MCU future, character scrapped Spider-Man: No Way Home Roll, get an action figure and more.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is out now on Blu-ray, and earlier this week we spoke to star Xochitl Gomez about her MCU debut as reality-hopping America Chavez.

The actress stole the show in film, putting this beloved comic book character on the map before becoming an undeniable main character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Multiverse saga. During our conversation, we talked about America’s future, the likelihood that she’s a mutant, and what Xochitl thinks about how the hero’s story ended.

We also find out how close she came to playing America Spider-Man: No Way Home and Get info on the experience of working with the actors who played The Illuminati and a zombified Benedict Cumberbatch. Finally, Xochitl breaks down this great moment of America gaining control of its powers and reveals what it’s like to be an action figure.

The actress is one hell of a talent, and as we’re sure you’ll agree with us after this interview, she definitely has a lot of love for this character and the broader MCU.

Check out our chat with the Doctor Strange Sequel star in player below:

I am very happy to speak with you, especially when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is out now on Blu-ray and of course we just had Comic-Con. Kevin Feige has announced that we are now starring in The Multiverse Saga. Since your character is the only one we know that can travel the multiverse, how excited are you for the future?

[Laughs] I saw that and I was like, ‘Oooh!’ I mean I didn’t get a call or anything. I wasn’t told what’s next for America, but obviously as a fan I’ve been listening to the things that are coming out and I’ve been like, ‘Oh, there’s a chance America could be all in!’ So just keep your fingers crossed. I’m really excited to see what happens because the multiverse… the possibilities are endless. It is fun.

We’re starting to see mutants appearing in the MCU, as in Mrs Miracleand since this movie only scratches the surface of who America is, might you be interested in setting her on the path to being a mutant?

Yes, I mean I’m honestly open to anything. As long as we can see… I think there’s so much more to her and her story that we haven’t really seen yet. I think America has many facets and I think there are some fun things to explore. Hopefully we can explore things and yeah I guess that’s all I’ll say [Laughs].

We’ve seen some concept art floating around Spider-Man: No Way Home with America in it, were you ever told that or had everything changed when you came to this project?

It all changed when I joined the project, yes. I mean it’s been changing all the time because when new projects come out, fans react to things and feel like they need to change it, but they keep doing a lot of screen testing for the movie so Marvel knows what works and what doesn’t . If the fans don’t love something, they just change it. The re-recordings addressed some of the things that came out of testing that people didn’t like or felt they needed more of and such.

Speaking of reshoots, that’s par for the course with a Marvel film, but is there something you’ve missed? We saw a still of you and the two Benedicts in an alley which I believe has been moved to the roof, but was there anything else similar that you wish we had seen?

Well, you did a lot of work for that. Maybe not too much work… You probably saw it and said: That’s a good question! [Laughs] There was a little scene where America had to mourn the death of Defender Strange, and that was before… it was a secret that Defenders Strange was going to kill me and take my power. It wasn’t before, he saved me. There was this very different twist where she could grieve his death and have that grieving moment. It was really special but that didn’t get used to it because they changed it and decided to make it this differentiating journey to take their power. I think that actually worked better because you had to see that distrust and see their walls go up. Slowly as the film progresses we see her take these down and by the end she is in Kamar Taj and has a safe home.

Your character’s arc plays out brilliantly, and speaking of the ending, how did you feel about the way things end for America with Wong in Kamar Taj?

Yes, you see her in Kamar Taj and she is learning the mystical arts, which is a different form of magic than her powers. I think it’s really cool that she’s learning that and even just being with Kamar Taj gives her some of that [Laughs] Discipline and only a place to call home as she obviously has no such place. I think being there with Wong is a good choice and a wise decision.

They get such a prominent role in this final fight as we see America grapple with her powers, she makes the iconic fist in hand and punches that hole in reality which is just awesome. You must have enjoyed the shoot a lot?

It was great fun. I had a lot of fun … we came up with different ways to gather the power and then push the power and then all this jazz. It was great fun. Being a superhero is just a whole different level of fun. It’s really fun. Also, it was so cool to do the flying punch thing. I felt so cool apart from those moments where I kinda stumbled to the floor. I was like, ‘Okay, I didn’t land properly on my feet.’ I think there are only a few takes where I actually landed properly on my feet because it was an odd length of space. It makes a lot of fun. Dude, I definitely recommend going easy on cable one day. Just go to some warehouse or something that they do and hook up because I think that’s how people should feel. Just jumping around wires… you feel so funny [Laughs].

Another thing that I imagine was quite funny was the secrecy that went into the film with The Illuminati. How many of them were you able to see on set or were these cameos all a surprise to you?

Well it’s funny because I got to meet all the Illuminati actors. Even Sir Patrick Stewart gave me some great advice on the importance of paying up front and making people feel welcome. I know he certainly did that to me. He’s just such a beautiful soul and so genuine and it was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s no way Sir Patrick Stewart talks to me and gives me great advice, but he also talks to me like he really cares about me take care…I feel so important.’ [Laughs]

How incredible. You’re working with so many great actors on this film and I thought you did a fantastic job of standing up to them, especially in some pretty unique situations. You have Benedict Cumberbatch who looks like a zombie and Elizabeth Olsen who is quite covered in blood; How were those days on set?

Yes, especially days when he was a zombie. They were pretty crazy because it didn’t even look like him. Playing a zombie is not an easy thing. There’s a lot of physicality and the grunts and stuff. That scared me at first. I thought, ‘Hmm, what is that?’ [Laughs] It was really random, but I had to put my hat on and be like, ‘Okay, you know, this is my job while there’s a guy going ‘urgh’ and Benedict Cumberbatch is a zombie and I’m crying. It’s a tough acting challenge, but it was fun and at the end of the day, it was an experience I’ve never had before. Hopefully in this Marvel Universe and the Multiverse I can explore other random crazy crazy possibilities like this.

Looking at the list of upcoming movies, there should be plenty of options for that. As a comics fan, I know we can be a picky bunch, but everyone has embraced their version of America, and many people would like to see more of the character, maybe in a Disney+ series or a solo film. What was it like seeing that reaction and knowing that the fans want to see more of your story?

It’s pretty crazy that people not only love the character but also want to see more of her. They haven’t told me what’s next for my character, but of course I can’t ignore that America’s powers are the multiverse, and the next chapter of the MCU is called The Multiverse Saga [Laughs]. I just hope that America Chavez has a role to play in this and hopefully that will unfold over the next four years or so. Who knows!

It’s exciting and America has so much potential. I know a lot of fans would love to see her in the Young Avengers, but I feel like she deserves a spot on the main team. Would you agree?

I’m literally up for anything. Give me a cameo of about five minutes… not even that. Two seconds! I will do it [Laughs].

Something that must have been great since that movie came out is seeing all the merchandise out there, from Funko Pops to LEGO minifigures and action figures. How was it for you to see that? Lots of kids are going to be dressing up as America Chavez this Halloween.

I am really looking forward to this. I won’t lie, I have everything. Whatever you think I have it all. The LEGOs, the shirts, the backpack, the Funko Pops… I have it all. It’s so important to me that there’s not just merchandise of the character, but it’s a character that I’ve played who is a young teenage girl who is Latina. Wow. Every piece of whatever, whether it’s a toy or clothing, means so much to me and I wear it. Some people might just leave it in the closet, but I wear it. I go out and carry the backpack, even though it looks like I’m a little kindergarten kid, I carry it [Laughs].

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is available digitally now and will be released on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on July 26th.

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