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The candidates for Texas governor both received a significant fundraising boost from the deaths of Roe v. calf and Democrat Beto O’Rourke saw a similar surge in out-of-state donations following the Uvalde shooting following a concerted series of appeals from his campaign.

Both candidates for the governorship of Texas saw massive fundraising in the final submission period from late February through late June. Democrat Beto O’Rourke defeated Republican Greg Abbott in money raised in recent filing despite the incumbent having a significant box office advantage.

O’Rourke brought in $27.6 million, 59 percent from abroad – including $1 million from billionaire and frequent progressive donor George Soros. Meanwhile, Abbott raised $24.9 million, 86 percent of it from Texas. The incumbent had $45.7 million left, compared to O’Rourke’s $23.9 million.

But if we take a closer look at the numbers, we see different trends in which events preceded these funding spikes. The three biggest events in this period were their respective ones primary winsthe tragic shots at Uvalde the 19 school children and two teachers died, and the US Supreme Court tip over Roe v. calf.

Figures from Texas Ethics Commission reports.

Abbott didn’t get much of a boost from his runaway primary win on March 1, but did post three separate days raising over $500,000 from late March through early April. On May 18, he hosted another big fundraising day that raised nearly $900,000.

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On May 24, the day of the Uvalde shooting, Abbott stopped by a preplanned Fundraiser in East Texas, of which he said, “On the way back to Austin, I stopped and let people know I couldn’t stay, that I had to go and I wanted them to know what happened and come back to Austin , so I could continue my cooperation with Texas law enforcement.”

The Abbott campaign raised $378,000 that day and thereafter announced the postponement of all campaign activities. According to the financial reports, fundraising slowed significantly or disappeared by May 31, when the governor announced a $670,000 fundraising day.

Two days before the US Supreme Court released its verdict Dobbs vs. Jackson, Abbott raised $1.2 million. On the day the opinion was issued, the governor collected $900,000, followed by several days of large shipments, capping on the last day of the $1.3 million period.

Figures from Texas Ethics Commission reports.

O’Rourke saw a massive influx of government donations just days after his first win. The majority of his $2.1 million haul came from two $1 million donations from West Lake Hills couple Tench and Simone Coxe.

Over the next two and a half months, O’Rourke’s fundraising remained consistently low. But two days after the Uvalde shooting, his earnings skyrocketed; He posted $1.5 million on May 26, $1.1 million on May 27, and $1.3 million on May 30.

The day after the shooting, O’Rourke’s campaign sent out two emails: one with a sad message and one with a link to Uvalde’s GoFundMe charity. On May 28, the O’Rourke campaign said in a donation email citing the shooting, “Greg Abbott has spent the last seven years hurting the people of Texas.”

Another followed the next day, saying: “This is at your expense, Governor Abbott.”

Similar appeals were sent out on June 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 11th.

Soros’ $1 million donation came the day before roe sinking was issued. Indeed, the day and weekend after that, O’Rourke’s fundraising slowed down significantly, raising back-to-back big amounts — $1.9 million on June 27 and $1 million on June 28. The O’Rourke campaign sent out at least 8 fundraising emails the court ruling, and it seemed to be paying off in the finance department.

On the final day of the period, O’Rourke raised nearly $2 million, capping his record earnings.

The breakdown of fundraising by in-state versus out-of-state donations reveals even more trends.

Figures from Texas Ethics Commission reports.

A small portion of his total earnings, Abbott’s out-of-state fundraisers, raised more than $220,000 in one day only once — $530,000 on April 7.

O’Rourke’s out-of-state report is different.

Figures from Texas Ethics Commission reports.

The Democrat’s out-of-state transport has been reversed and strongly correlates to the shooting of Uvalde and the Dobbs Publication. Of O’Rourke’s money raised in the days after the shooting, three-quarters came from abroad.

Figures from Texas Ethics Commission reports.

Its domestic contributions exceeded those from abroad, accounting for 88 percent of the two-day trip mentioned above.

Figures from Texas Ethics Commission reports.

Abbott’s state money raised in the days after Dobbs The release made up 95 percent of the total these days.

A lot can still happen in the remaining months of the high-profile race, but trends show that everyone has played a part in what the top-of-the-ticket contenders have raised. While the top numbers show that O’Rourke relied more on out-of-state money, his posts outside of Texas also correlate strongly with the Uvalde tragedy and roe Downfall – Events that caused the Democrat to step up his calls for gun controlsuch as removing AR-15s and AK-47s from community ownership and cancellation any abortion restriction in the state.

The data show that after the end of Roe, Abbott received his own fundraising, the lion’s share of which came from the state he rules. The US Supreme Court on Tuesday problematic its ruling on the case setting out the Texas abortion ban that Abbott enacted last year on a 30-day course until it becomes effective.

Both candidates are prolific fundraisers and their respective earnings on the last day of the period reflect this.

Now the sprint to the finish begins, which includes two more financial reports before the clash on November 8th.

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