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While gray is arguably the most popular neutral color in interior design today, greige, a combination of gray and beige, is becoming more popular for its ability to warm up an all-gray design scheme. Greige truly is the best of both worlds, combining the cooler and calmer look of true gray with the warming nature of beige.

Greige is nothing new in the design world, in the 1980s Giorgio Armani became known as the ‘King of Greige’ for his profuse use of color in his designs. But a proliferation of greige colors pushes the trend to the fore.

COAT sells a ready made greige sample pack containing five of their most popular greige colours. “A top color for summer decorating projects is Tuesday’s Child, a graceful light greige with a slight green undertone that’s natural and bright and gives the room that biophilic feel,” says Aaron Markwell, color curator at COAT Paints.

Greige is certainly not the most difficult color to have in your home, but applying it can take a bit of getting used to – using gray or beige independently is as easy as it gets, but marrying the two and striking a balance between cool and warm design schemes takes a lot come with some challenges.

“How you dress the room is really important to making neutral plans ring out,” says Aaron. ‘Upholstery in slightly deeper tones than the walls adds grounding and subtle contrast that looks really thoughtful. Use a bolder version of your neutral color when choosing accents like cushions and artwork. For example coffee brown for taupe colors or olive green for greige colors like Tuesday’s Child.’

Read on for 13 ways to use greige in your home…

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Greige decoration ideas: the all-over neutrality

This modern living room is a great example of how much warmth a greige color scheme can add. Using a crisp white wall here would make the gray sofa and black accessories appear cooler and more contemporary. Greige is often an easy way to soften a room with lots of modern monochromes.

Pictured: House Beautiful Freya Sofa at DFS


Greige decorating ideas: how to add warmth

Greige is very susceptible to the influence of other colors – the shades and tones used near or next to it determine whether it gets cooler or warmer. Here, combining a gray wall with ocher and gold brings out its warmer side – a great choice in a bedroom.

Pictured: Alderman™ #60 at Mylands


Greige decoration ideas: calm decoration

Greige has always been popular for its versatility and calming properties. Lean into the calm side of Greige with a soft design scheme that uses organic materials, natural woods and some greenery.

Pictured: House Beautiful Bamboo Blinds in Hillarys


Greige Decorating Ideas: Greige and other colors

There are very few colors to avoid when decorating with greige – just be careful with citrus colors as they can often bring out yellowish undertones in your greige color. The mix of cool blue and warming pink works beautifully here.

Pictured: House Beautiful Neva Bed at Dreams


Greige decorating ideas: bohemian styling

If you’re a fan of laid-back, bohemian style, greige is your best friend. Bohemian design schemes are usually sparing with color, but too much white or gray in a room can be a bit bland. A warmer greige complements your wood, rattan and other natural materials.

Pictured: House Beautiful Sloane Blush Carpet at Carpetright


Greige Decorating Ideas: Whitewashed Wood

Decorating with whitewashed wood is an easy way to introduce greige elements without painting your walls. Whitewash brightens the appearance of wood surfaces without masking the natural grain, giving you a naturally occurring gray tint.

Pictured: Lucille 3 drawer chest of drawers from Dunelm


Greige decoration ideas: outdoor use

Greige is a brilliant choice for your outdoor spaces as it pairs so well with common garden materials including most wood tones (just be careful if using a very red wood, overly saturated hues don’t always work with cooler colours). great complement to black wrought iron, painted brick and natural greenery.

Pictured: Amberley sofa set at Garden Trading


Greige Decorating Ideas: Add Monochrome

Black and white is so often viewed as a complete design scheme without the introduction of a third complementary color, but solid monochromes can often come across as harsh. If you have a lot of black and white patterns or accessories in your home, try a greige wash on your walls – this Annie Sloan color was inspired by the look of aged French linen.

Pictured: French Linen Paint at Annie Sloan


Greige decoration ideas: psychological impact

If you’re designing a WFH space and need colors to help you focus, greige is a great choice. In color psychology, gray stands for neutrality and balance and can promote concentration, while beige is said to have a calming and relaxing effect.

Pictured: House Beautiful Durable Mono Tones MT.05 Paint at Homebase


Greige decorating ideas: traditional greige

As this elegant kitchen nook demonstrates, greige can also be used effectively in more traditional settings. For your hardware, avoid anything that’s too polished or reflective and instead choose antique brass or dark nickel. The cream-colored enamelware is also a great touch here.

Shown: Cornice™ No.65 Paint at Mylands


Greige Decorating Ideas: Scandi Minimalism


Greige Decorating Ideas: Gallery Wall

Gallery walls work most effectively when they’re fairly crowded with an eclectic mix of styles, but in a gray room, too much color or detail can be overwhelming. You can balance some of the rush by choosing complementary neutral tones and sleek frames in lighter woods in your artwork.

Pictured: Nature Creation Gallery Wall collection at Desenio


Greige decorating ideas: green undertones

Greige can have various and very subtle undertones, from soft pink to sage green – Farrow & Ball’s Drop Cloth is a great example of a greige that has greenish undertones in cooler light. When choosing greige colors, it’s especially important to use testers and live with the color at different times of the day.

Pictured: Drop Cloth at Farrow & Ball

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