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The Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University invites members of the local business and legal community to join us for the kick-off of the Sustainable Business Law Hub, a network of business, environmental and legal professionals dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices prescribed in Westchester County and beyond.

The networking event will be led by the nation’s leading environmental law program and experts in the growing industry of environmental, social and governance (ESG) advocates. It will focus on how the Sustainable Business Law Hub can support your business.

The event will take place on Wednesday, September 21 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law, Preston Hall, Tudor Room, 78 N. Broadway in White Plains. To register for the event, please visit: www.law.pace.edu/hubkickoff.

Haub Law’s Sustainable Business Law Hub serves as an incubator space, undergraduate education program, research venture and think tank dedicated to addressing global sustainability challenges through policy and research projects, business relations and capacity building in private environmental policy.

The Hub integrates the three pillars of sustainability – economic, social and environmental well-being – into global business practices by engaging in research and policy development, improving public law and governance, and engaging with existing industry, small businesses, start-ups and the Community works together -big to develop and apply innovative private environmental models and sustainability practices, such as those that promote a circular economy. Students participating in the hub work hand-in-hand with faculty experts and receive hands-on training and experience in applying laws to promote sustainable business practices.

Haub Law continues to successfully educate lawyers of the future and our newly established Sustainable Business Law Hub is now training the first generation of lawyers in sustainable business. The law school is uniquely located in White Plains—the only law school in Westchester—while only a short train ride from New York City. There are many opportunities for collaboration and impact in the local Westchester community, in New York City and across the state and beyond.

The Sustainable Business Law Hub operates as a competitive program in which Haub Law students apply for admission and take prerequisite courses. The hub will also provide an LL.M. Graduate Research Associate. It has a rigorous curriculum with seminars on ESG and sustainable development, as well as opportunities for hands-on experience through internships and an internship. Within these settings, students work in an internal sustainability or legal department, addressing environmental compliance issues, ESG and assisting with sustainability strategies and policies.

Haub Law’s environmental law program is ranked #1 nationwide, and our innovative and forward-thinking curriculum continues to differentiate us from other law schools. We have been teaching our students the importance of sustainability through our courses and our clinics for many years. This hub not only educates and graduates lawyers with a sense of sustainable business practices, but also helps apply these practices in real-time.

We see the Sustainable Business Law Hub as an excellent opportunity for Haub Law to make a meaningful contribution to improving corporate citizenship, shaping and implementing an honest vision for corporate social responsibility, and promoting social justice awareness action in the private sector. Learn more at www.law.pace.edu/sustainablebusinesslawhub

Jason Czarnezki is the Gilbert and Sarah Kerlin Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law, Associate Dean of Environmental Law Programs and Strategic Initiatives, and Faculty Director of the Sustainable Business Law Haub at Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law.

Josh Galperin is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University and a member of the Sustainable Business Law Hub Advisory Board.

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