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NEW YORK & SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HUMAN Security, Inc. (formerly White Ops) – the global leader in protecting businesses from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud, and PerimeterX, the leader in solutions that detect and stop the misuse of identity and account information to Prevent Fraud the web announced today that the two companies are joining forces in a market-changing merger. With 77% of online security and fraud incidents being bot-based, the merger underscores the importance of identifying sophisticated bot attacks, scams and account abuse before they affect advertising, marketing, e-commerce businesses and impact cybersecurity. The combined companies will have more than 450 employees under the HUMAN corporate name, more than 500 customers and more than $100 million in ARR.

“The merger of these great companies brings together two extraordinary teams of people to accelerate the vision for our Human Defense Platform and solve some of the most important security challenges facing the Internet,” said Tamer Hassan, CEO and co-founder of HUMAN, who will do this remains as CEO of the go-forward company under the HUMAN brand. “Together we will achieve our common goal of disrupting the cybercrime economy and we will provide enhanced protection to our shared global customers with an unparalleled modern defense strategy.”

“PerimeterX’s mission was to protect the apps that power our daily lives with a portfolio of comprehensive application protection solutions that detect and stop misuse of identity and account information online. With HUMAN’s vision and successful approach to a modern defense that protects enterprises and internet platforms from attacks, it is clear that we should be allies,” said Omri Iluz, co-founder and CEO of PerimeterX, who is now President and GM of Enterprise Forward security of the Go company. “I look forward to joining the HUMAN Board of Directors alongside our CTO, Ido Safruti. With the combined companies’ mission-focused teams, industry-leading products and complementary technologies, we will be an unstoppable force against cybercriminals.”

Key customer use cases that the combined companies protect against with the Human Defense Platform include:

media security: Digital advertising fraud, CTV fraud and misrepresentation, mobile app and SSAI malware, abuse and spoofing, paid marketing manipulation, lead generation fraud, loyalty program abuse, coupon and ad fraud

corporate security: Account takeover, fake account creation, carding, customer-side supply chain attacks, digital skimming, PII harvesting, web scraping, scalping and denial of inventory

Every year, cyber criminals become more sophisticated, making bot attacks and fraud the top cyber threat challenges of this decade. In April 2022, Forrester Research released The Forrester Wave™: Bot Management Q2 2022 report, in which the author, Principal Analyst Sandy Carielli, noted, “Bad bots continue to consume resources and overwhelm organizations, accounting for at least a quarter of all internet traffic. ”

In the assessment, which included both organizations, Carielli wrote in the report, “HUMAN is a good choice for clients who want top-notch service and deep expertise in both marketing and security bot attacks.” In her separate profile She noted, “PerimeterX is a strong choice for clients in e-commerce, travel and hospitality, and financial services.”

HUMAN’s Modern Defense Advantage includes:

  • Advantage of visibility on the Internet:

    • 15 trillion web verifications/week across 3 billion+ devices per month

    • 10 years fighting against enemy attack vectors, tools and methods

  • Network Effect Advantage:

    • Collective protection for more than 500 customers and partners (The Human Collective)

    • 3,000 dynamic network, device and behavior signals in over 600 algorithms

    • Unmatched scale, speed and precision

    • Proactive adaptation where protecting one customer means protecting everyone

The merger has been approved by the boards of both companies and approved by regulators. As part of the market-changing move, HUMAN has secured a $100 million credit facility from Blackstone Credit following a $100 million growth funding round led by WestCap and NightDragon earlier this year. Terms were not disclosed.

HUMAN is a remote-first company that shares the same important values ​​to best protect our customers. To learn more about the market-changing merger of HUMAN and PerimeterX, read the joint blog by HUMAN CEO Tamer Hassan and PerimeterX CEO Omri Iluz and join us at Black Hat 2022.

DBO Partners is acting as exclusive financial advisor to HUMAN. Sullivan & Cromwell LLP is acting as legal counsel to HUMAN. JMP Securities, a Citizens Company, is acting as exclusive financial advisor to PerimeterX. Fenwick & West LLP is acting as legal counsel to PerimeterX.


HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that protects businesses and internet platforms from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud to keep digital experiences human. Our modern defense strategy is enabled by internet transparency, network effects and disruptions that enable organizations to increase ROI and trust while reducing customer friction, data contamination and cybersecurity. Today we verify the humanity of more than 15 trillion interactions per week for some of the largest companies and internet platforms. Protect your digital business with HUMAN. to Know who is realvisit

About PerimeterX

PerimeterX is the leading provider of solutions that detect and stop misuse of identity and account information on the Internet. Its cloud-native solutions identify risks to your web applications and proactively manage them so you can focus on growth and innovation. The largest and most respected websites and mobile apps in the world rely on PerimeterX to protect their customers’ digital experiences while breaking the web attack lifecycle. PerimeterX is headquartered in San Mateo, California and at

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