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Anberlin draws circles in cities across the country as fans come to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. Among their tour dates, the Winter Haven-born ensemble will make a stop at one of their most popular Central Florida venues in St. Petersburg.

The alternative rockers are celebrating two decades of performing together with three shows August 4-6 at the Floridian Social Club. The band’s three-day, six-city residency comes less than a week after the release of the band’s new EP. silver line, his first collection of new music in eight years. The tour also serves as a prequel to some of the most nostalgic music festivals since the pandemic began.

Although the band spans two decades, the format of this tour is unique. While other bands in his cohort are riding the early 2000s alt-rock resurgence with two-hour “A Night With”-style shows, Anberlin wanted to honor the fans and their favorite Anberlin albums.

“We tried to get creative. We’ve stuck to the same model for so many years where we put out an album, did some level of touring, picked up these supporting bands and we had to do everything a certain way. So for us it’s like if we could go back and change the way we think, what would we do,” said drummer Nate Young (pictured above, center). “We wanted to do something unique and celebrate 20 years, so we thought about doing albums on specific nights and doing smaller venues so it’s a more personal connection.”

Young, who is also a husband and father and co-owner of King State Coffee Bar and The Brutalist brewery, said he and his bandmates weren’t keen on going full-time again. From the age of 16 Young was on the road almost 10 months a year for about 12 years and for the whole band the days of non-stop touring are long gone. Now 35, Young is a self-proclaimed couch potato, so the format makes more sense for him and his bandmates.

“We all have kids and families,” Young said. “The way we do these shows, the longest each of us has to be gone is four or five days. It’s a big difference from before, when you were away for four to five weeks.”

Anberlin will perform its albums during each three-night stint Never take friendship personally, citiesand New delivery complete with fan favorites and B-sides. For the band, Young says they really considered what music would resonate with their longtime fans.

cities, New deliveryand Never take friendship personally are always the albums we hear the most from fans,” said Young.cities Above all, it was a point where we were there with two albums and really wanted to establish our sound for the long term.”

Nostalgia played its own part too, preparing the band to relive old hits as they gear up for October’s When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas, where older emos will reunite with their favorite bands.

In May, the 20th anniversary tour dates were released, with residency shows in Cleveland, Brooklyn, Asbury Park and Denver. The following month, a show was announced at the resurgent Floridian Social Club in St. Petersburg, along with additional shows in Atlanta and Orlando. The show will be Anberlin’s first concert at 687 Central since the Staatstheater became the Floridian Social Club.
In 2018, after months of fire safety violations and renovations, the State Theater in downtown St. Petersburg was closed and later sold to Kevin Chadwick for $2.1 million. Chadwick, owner and operations manager of Keller Williams franchises throughout the Tampa Bay area, vowed at the time to continue hosting shows at the venue.

“Priority events are our concerts. So if one of our promoters has a band, an event, it could be a Monday night, even a night that we’re closed — every night of the week,” Chadwick told CL in 2020. “Our concert schedule takes precedence over everything.” Almost two years later, the 8,604-square-foot building was christened the Floridian Social Club and welcomed Myles Kennedy as its first act in fall 2021.

“We haven’t had Anberlin in this place since 2013, I think,” Kristin Stigaard, Live Nation’s Regional Marketing Manager. “So it’s a sweet and exciting feeling. We are very happy to promote Anberlin’s 20th anniversary.”

The three-night stand at the Floridian Social Club comes less than a month after the release of the band’s latest single, ‘Circles’, off their recently released EP – a project Anberlin never really planned.

“We broke up in 2014 and neither of us have done anything musical with the band since, so I honestly don’t even think new music was always the plan. Instead, when we came back in 2019, the goal was to tour it, do the whole reunion thing and maybe chill out a bit,” Young said.

“…we just started writing for fun and we all agreed that if it sounds like we’re trying too hard or we don’t sound like we just shouldn’t do it.”

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Anberlin’s last studio album was 2014’s Lowborn, which debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. For the band’s latest release, she enlisted the help of local resources, including Tampa’s Feral Sound Studios, where the band recorded the EP alongside Tim McTague of Underoath (Young’s partner on King State and The Brutalist) and producers Chad Carouthers and JJ self-produced Revell.

“The pandemic kind of forced us to deal with ideas of what Anberlin would sound like in 2020. So much has evolved in our musical vision since 2014, so we really started writing just for fun, and we all agreed that if it sounded like this, it would be us, trying too hard or not like we sound, we just shouldn’t. But it worked and we were all very happy with how it came together.

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