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Since its launch in 2017, the Samsung Art Store has enabled exceptional, one-of-a-kind art selections accessible to consumers from the comfort of their own homes.

Traversing both the impenetrable jungle of the Ecuadorian Amazon and the bustling city of Santiago de Chile, Alberto Montt’s work, which reflects his experiences and emotions from everyday life, has been featured in Samsung Electronics’ Art Store since 2019, bringing him popularity among fans all over the world World.

Montt is particularly known for his experimental approach to art, combining different elements to create a new way for people to enjoy his work. With the rise in popularity of digital art forms and new media, Samsung Newsroom sat down with Montt to talk about his work and the importance of digital art.

▲ Alberto Montt

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m a Latin American storyteller. Illustration is my second language. I have about 30 published books and I do standup performances that mix elements of spoken and graphic language. I am inspired by everyday life and the emotional memory that allows me to relate to everyday life.

Q: Your plays are well known present cultural and contradicting statements by teen illustrations. Where does your inspiration for this come from?

Art should force you to think and to question your position in this world. If art doesn’t challenge you, it’s just decoration.

Q: As a storyteller and illustrator, you use digital art to interact with your audience. What can you say about its growing popularity and what are some of the benefits it brings to the art community?

It features multiple mediums, which brings its advantages and disadvantages. Digital art is an enormously complex tool that allows communication to be explored in a virtually infinite number of ways.

Q: How did your own artwork evolve as digital art and as technology has progressive? Are there any notable changes in your life that have been heavily influenced by technological innovations?

The biggest impact that technology has had on my life has been that I have been able to move around the world while working. Today I can take my workshop and studio with me wherever I go.

▲ Alberto Montt during his standup performance

Q: Let’s talk about your partnership with the Samsung Art Store. What role do you think it plays in the evolving digital art world?

Being a part of Art Store has allowed me to reach a diverse and global audience in a way that no other platform I know of can match. Being able to exhibit digital art with the value it deserves is an achievement that only technology has made possible. With my own Art Store on The Frame, the images I see change very often and my entire space is consequently transformed and delineated by that randomness and variety.

Q: Are there any benefits to displaying art on screens like The Frame?

Absolutely. The color palette and the lighting of the screen completely transform the relationship between the viewer and the work. It was very exciting for me to plan the works that come into the Art Store from this perspective. I would like to see them observed and “lived” in people’s everyday spaces.

Q: Can you feature three of your favorite pieces in the Art Store?

tiger is a visual exercise that takes me back to my childhood. I grew up in the Ecuadorian jungle and although there are no tigers there, I am deeply moved by the idea of ​​the foliage and the myriad of colors and shades of green.

▲ “Tigre”, Alberto Montt

Laberino is another one of my favorites. It is a work that attempts to depict the complexity of human relationships from the point of graphic simplicity.

▲ “Laberinto”, Alberto Montt

especially is an illustration that is part of a book published in Colombia about curiosity and emotional awakening. This is the image I like best from this book, maybe because it also has that vegetal exuberance.

▲ “Beso”, Alberto Montt

Q: Finally, where do you see the future of digital art?

For me, art is a game that is constantly changing. This reinvention excites me. This surprise keeps me alive.

To see more of Montt’s latest artwork, including especiallygo to Art Store on Samsung’s The Frame.

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