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Before NEMOPHILA entered the stage Whiskey a Go Go On July 1st we had a conversation with them. Personally, their outspoken and sweet personalities were charming and disarming. So we had to find out how these innocent ladies turn into rock queens from hell on stage!

Join us for an exclusive interview in this final installment of our coverage of NEMOPHILA at Whiskey a Go Go.

Thank you for taking the time to interview you. We’re so glad you’re here in Hollywood. For those members who are here for the first time, how do you feel about America so far?

Hazuki: In Japan we still have to wear face masks, almost 100%. When we got here it was so open and free that I was relieved.

And yet SAKI has been to America before, do you notice a difference since your last visit here?

SAKI: The last time I was in the United States was in Texas. I noticed this time that California has a different inspiration and impression.

Well, here’s some impressive news for your arrival in America. We have been informed that you are sold out Whiskey a Go Go. Congratulations on a sold out show for tomorrow night.

All: Thanks!

A sold out show here in America follows on from your success from the Japan tour. And that was the ZEPP tour where you played with bands like Loudness, PassCode and ROTTENGRAFTY. What was that experience like after performing with those bands and coming to America now?

May: During and after the ZEPP tour we felt like we got more groove and we also learned staging and eye contact with the audience as well as between us. After learning these things, we felt more secure. And then, while traveling to the United States, we spent time together. I felt like we got a lot closer and could perform as a unit. So it’s going to be way, way more energetic and more of us for the audience.

It’s wonderful to have time together as a band, but what do your friends and family think of you coming to America? what did they say

Tamu: My mother is a big music fan. When she heard the name of the place Whiskey a Go Goshe was so happy for us.

Haraguchisan: My dad told me to get it! Destroy the USA!

Yes! That’s right, that’s a good dad!

[Everyone laughs]


The end of Route 66 is the beginning of NEMOPHILA in America!

Before you left Japan, we noticed that you were recently at NHK World Tokyo songs. You spotlighted your band as a powerhouse girl group in Japan. How does this honor feel?

May: We are very happy that we have come to this position and we are excited. But at the same time, I’m still a bit surprised myself.

Obviously the power is in your music, like the song ADABANA. As we understand the translation, it’s about a flower and yet your band’s name is also a reference to a flower. Is there more going on here with the use of flowers?

SAKI: As a band we have one thing that we can share with people through lyrics. When I wrote the lyrics of ADABANAI was thinking of writing a text with a metaphor of a flower because our name is based on a flower.

Even more, when we started NEMOPHILA we thought about the name of our band and searched for themes that could evoke our feelings. Because we are girls and flowers are a very girly image, we chose the Nemophila flower. And when we wrote the word “Nemophila” in capital letters of the English alphabet, it looked so metallic!

It gave us Metal feelings so we decided to use this flower name as our band name, NEMOPHILA. But we don’t always think about it that seriously [laughs]. Sometimes we pick something like a flower and other things like we used to do ADABANA.

Makes sense, it’s a good combination of images. These images can be found in the new re-release of REVITALIZE, which contains eleven remastered songs. It also has six songs with new English vocals. Is there a reason why you chose these for English singing?

May: This time, for these remixes, we choose the six songs where we changed the lyrics to English to make the lyrics feel and sound better.

It is wonderful! And you used to have to work hard to sing English lyrics. Now that you’re doing it more often, do you feel better when you sing songs in English?

May: It’s still difficult. Although I have more opportunities to sing in English, the more I sing it, the harder it gets because I want to do better. I want to sing it better! So I will work even harder.

I understand. There is such a big gap between the Japanese and English meanings.

May: Also, the sound of English is different from the sound of Japanese with lyrics. There will be different notes on different gauges and lengths. It gets harder the more I learn!

Well, you’re doing very well so far. Well done!

[Everyone claps]

Another question regarding REVITALIZE. About the song HYPNOSISis this song inspired by a specific disney movie?

Haraguchisan: [Smiling] Yes, Aladdin. HYPNOSIS is a song I composed. I really liked the movie, the sounds in the movie were very exotic and mysterious. It had characteristics that when we play it on a stage, it becomes so cool!

It’s very cool. Speaking of great moments on stage, since performing at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA on January 9th, Mayu seemed to have had a moment where she experienced strong emotions. Would you share with us what you felt during the performance of ? life?

May: That performance in Shibuya was the first time the five of us have been together since the start of the COVID pandemic, and it was two and a half years after our inception. And finally, finally we made it to a live performance with an audience.

So that alone was already too much emotion for everyone, especially for me. But when we opened the show with big silhouettes of us projected onto a curtain in front of the stage and when that screen came down, we thought we were going to make a big impression on the audience. But once it was down I was so impressed by the fact that the audience was in front of me and we really did it live on a big stage.

We were totally emotional at this live performance. And while there were restrictions the crowd couldn’t say a word due to masks and social distancing, I thought I could hear their voices from the stage.

And for us, when we saw this performance online, we were moved and happy for you. But other members also had unique experiences before the pandemic. For you Hazuki, how has your previous experience prepared you for this tour?

Hazuki: Before NEMOPHILA I was in other bands but I was very new to it. Everything was so unknown and I learned a lot from the Li-sa-X band. Now I can use these experiences, for example how I perform in front of an audience and communicate with them.

Very cool. And other members about their learning experiences, Haraguchi-san, how did you become a bass player?

Haraguchi-san: Basically I love the deep, low frequencies and strong sounds of music. I was in the marching band in junior high school and played the baritone sax, which is larger compared to the alto sax. The baritone has more melodic rhythms. Then I wanted to play guitar in high school, but when I saw bass being played in a band, it was amazing. I wanted to do that too!

Every time we see you in videos and on stage you look like you are having so much fun! And another member having fun: Tamu, everyone who sees you play is so impressed that they say “She’s wild, amazing”. How did you gain this level of experience?

Tamu: I stay up all night just to practice. And sometimes cry and practice. And sometimes I think I’ll bang those drums like hell! So anyway, always practice becoming like that.

Good way to reduce aggression! And finally, come back to America later this year for the Aftershock Festival. What messages do you have for your fans through October?

Hazuki: To all the fans who like NEMOPHILA in America: let’s scream, drink, get loud and have fun! We will try our best to put on a great show!

May: We’re here to kick your ass!

[Everyone laughs]

Haraguchi-san: Hello LA! We just came here to rip it up and then go home! Let’s do this!

Tamu: Hi! I hope to meet you all one day. I’ll give everything I have!

SAKI: Hello folks, thanks for supporting us. Your support has brought us here to the United States. Thank you and we would of course love to do a US tour. So see you soon.

All: Bye!

After appearing on Whiskey a Go Go, NEMOPHILA continues to deliver new music. Check out this funky metal fusion Mayu raps for STYLE!

JROCK NEWS would like to thank JPU Records for making this interview possible.

  1. REVIVE (US version)

  2. DISSENTION (US version)

  3. HOZUKI (US Version)

  4. HYPNOSIS (US Version)

  5. GAME OVER (US version)

  6. Life (US Version)

  1. SORAI (US version)

  2. Rollin’ Rollin’ (US Version)

  3. Change the World (US Version)

  4. RAITEI (US Version)

  5. OIRAN (US version)

  1. REVIVE (US version)

  2. DISSENTION (US version)

  3. HOZUKI (US version)

  4. HYPNOSIS (US Version)

  5. GAME OVER (US version)

  6. Life (US Version)

  7. SORAI (US version)

  8. Rollin’ Rollin’ (US Version)

  9. Change the World (US Version)

  10. RAITEI (US Version)

  11. OIRAN (US version)

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