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Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise who? The cast of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire took over Ballroom 20 at Comic-Con on Saturday to share the first official teaser for the AMC series, which ends October 20. Check out the footage above and the key art poster below.

Damian Holbrook, who moderated the panel with his cast and crew, announced the series will premiere on Sunday, October 2nd. on AMC – right after the first of The Walking Dead’s final series of episodes.

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Based on the revolutionary Gothic novel by Anne Rice, Interview with the vampire follows Louis de Pointe du Lac (game of Thrones‘ Jacob Anderson), Lestat de Lioncourt (Lovely‘s Sam Reid) and Claudias (newcomer Bailey Bass) and their epic tale of love, blood and the perils of immortality as told to journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian). Struggling with the limitations of black life in 19th-century New Orleans, Louis finds it impossible to resist the daring Lestat’s offer of the ultimate escape: to join him as a vampire mate. But Louis’ heady new powers come at a hefty price, and the introduction of Lestat’s newest offspring, child vampire Claudia, soon sets her on a decades-long journey of revenge and redemption.

Panelists included executive producer Matt Johnson; writer and showrunner Rolin Jones; stars Reid, Bass, Anderson and Bogosian; and production designer Mara LePere-Schloop.

In the trailer that opened the panel, Louis and Lestat meet for the first time. We also see Claudia and how she becomes part of this powerful story. There’s a lot of blood and guts with a seductive appeal that Rice, who died last year, used to capture in her books. The show will emphasize the queer elements, especially between Louis and Lestat.

After the trailer, Johnson discussed why he got involved with the show. “The books are so fun and so different that it’s hard to believe they’re connected in this way. [Rice] is a stylistic and thematic writer and a privilege to be involved. The world of Anne Rice will continue for some time to come at AMC.”

When asked about the show’s vision, Jones reiterated that he wanted to stay as true to the material as possible. “There were a lot of things to consider in our vision,” he said. “The upside is that we’re on TV while the film had to sprint because it only had two hours. We took so much of Anne’s writing and used it on the show.”

Holbrook didn’t hold back when asking about the story’s queer context, and Jones’ response was short and sweet: “It’s an aggressive, beautiful love story between two people. That’s all.”

Actors Anderson and Reid chatted about how they feel about being a part of Rice’s legacy.

“I saw the movie when I was a teenager,” Anderson said. “As soon as I got the email about the audition, I had this weird feeling in my stomach. … I’m excited to be a part of this world as I feel a deep connection to Louis.”

Reid chimed in, “I’m a huge fan of the books, so when I heard that this show was being done, I prayed for an audition. Then I got the role and I felt the pressure that comes with an opportunity to play a character that I love very much. That is the greatest gift.”

Bass spoke about the experience of playing Claudia at different stages in her life. “It’s a dream role,” she said. “As an actor being able to do these incredible action sequences in the script, I had my eyes glued to the page. Claudia is a big character who feels so much when she’s trapped in this body and we get a chance to see who Claudia is at different ages.”

Bogosian, who plays an older version of Daniel Malloy, said his character is looking for a chance to revive his career. “In the film, he is a young beginner journalist. Now he’s older, wiser, and trying Louis again to find out the truth.”

Production Designer LePere-Schloop talked about capturing New Orleans in all its glory. “When I first heard about this show, there was so much pressure. The books are rich in detail and an essence only found in New Orleans. I was overwhelmed and excited to see how we would do it. It’s rare that we get a show that celebrates the city we live in.”

Regarding Easter eggs, Jones said, “If you’ve read Prince Lestat, the vampire Armand and Interview with the vampire, you see many references to the material. We’re trying to build a universe, and there’s a little bit of witchcraft in there too.”

The panel ended with an exclusive clip from the first episode showing Louis and Lestat meeting at a local brothel. Louis, who is his brooding self, is upset that Lestat is talking to the same sex worker he’s into. There’s a lot of sexual tension between the two and it’s a well acted scene. This Louis and Lestat is very different from the 1994 film version, so keep an eye out for it.

The first seven episodes of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire Premiered this year on AMC and AMC+. Alan Taylor will direct the first two episodes and executive produce the series.


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