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JD Vance, the Republican nominee for the US Senate, raised significantly less money in the second quarter than Tim Ryan, his Democratic opponent.

Also, Vance’s Senate campaign would be in deficit if the nominee hadn’t given him $700,000, while a joint fundraising committee with which he raises most of his money would have a surplus of only $91,626 as of June 30 if it had the outstanding would pay off debts.

Vance has a campaign funding structure that includes his campaign account, JD Vance for Senate, and Ohioans for JD, a joint fundraising committee with Working for Ohio. The latter is Vance’s leading political action committee.

On June 3, his Senate fund created Vance Victory, a joint fundraising committee with the Ohio Republican Party and Working for Ohio.

Much of the money raised by Vance’s Senate fund is remittances from Ohioans for JD, including $525,090 of the $1,003,759 raised in the second quarter.

Working Ohio received a $103,215 remittance from Ohioans for JD, raising $5,000 in the second quarter.

Vance’s committees raised a total of $2,371,538 between April and June.

That compares to $9,133,487 that Ryan, a Howland Democrat, raised for Ohio in the second quarter solely for his Senate fund Tim Ryan.

Ryan also has a leadership PAC – America 2.0 – and the Tim Ryan Victory Fund 2022, a joint fundraising committee with America 2.0 and the Ohio Democratic Party.

The Ryan Victory Fund raised $764,191 and spent $644,579 in the second quarter, with $605,000 of expenses being transfers.

The fund gave $313,000 to Ryan’s Senate Fund, $279,000 to the ODP, and $13,000 to America 2.0. None of the funds had any debt as of June 30th.

Ryan’s Senate fund received an additional $38,250 from other joint committees he has with other Senate candidates.

Vance for Senate reported that he had $628,611 in his fund as of June 30, with $882,884 in outstanding debt. Of that debt, $700,000 are loans that Vance made to the fund.

Ohioans for JD had a surplus of $292,773 as of June 30 but had $201,147 in outstanding debt to three fundraising and direct mail vendors.

Between the two funds, it owed $162,647 more than it did on June 30. If Vance’s loan repayments are not included, the funds had a combined surplus of $537,353.

Vance Victory raised $725,900 from June 3-30 and ended the quarter at $721,198, but because it is a joint fundraising committee, Vance’s Senate fund is limited in terms of how much it raises.

His lead PAC as of June 30 was $461,179.

Ryan’s Senate Fund had a surplus of $3,567,175 as of June 30, while the Victory Fund and 2.0 had small surpluses of $19,137 and $14,676, respectively.


Izzi Levy, Ryan’s spokeswoman, said of Vance’s campaign reporting: “I think it shows what we’ve known all along: he’s a swindler and a con man. He’s thrashing about and can’t keep up with Tim’s grassroots movement. They’re playing a shell game. They don’t want people to see how bad they are.”

A Vance aide said the campaign always expected outrage from Democrats who are good at raising money from loose change donors, but Vance will have the financial resources to compete and win.

Additionally, the aide said Vance’s contributions are consistent with those of other Republican candidates for open Senate seats across the country, and Vance won the bitter May 3 GOP primary despite millions being spent against him.

Polls show a statistical match between the two candidates, with Ryan spending more than $6 million on commercials and campaigning across Ohio, while Vance has spent little and not much on campaigning since the primary.

Vance didn’t have to worry about fundraising during the primary because Protect Ohio Values, a Super PAC who supported him, did it for him.

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Vance’s former boss, donated $15 million to the Super PAC.

Ryan receives significant support from FF PAC, a major Democratic super PAC, this month. The Super PAC spent $1,429,147 — including $709,012 reported Thursday, according to Federal Election Commission filings. The Super PAC airs TV spots critical of Vance in the Columbus and Cleveland markets.

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