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Known for her bubbly personality and explanatory TikTok videos, blind activist Lucy Edwards has now added a red carpet broadcaster to her ever-growing list of accolades. Edwards, who has 1.7 million followers on TikTok, is fighting for more inclusion for blind people, and this weekend she’s certainly garnered even more attention thanks to her heartwarming interviews with Ryan Gosling and Regé-Jean Page.

The star met the actors on the red carpet of The Gray Man in London last week, where she hosted the first-ever audio-descriptive screening at a Netflix film premiere. Audio Description is an additional narrative track that plays alongside TV shows and films to allow blind and partially sighted people to follow the story when there are gaps in dialogue. A narrator describes what is happening visually on the screen.

Edwards, who went blind at age 17 and felt excluded from many films and TV shows, also represented the community on the red carpet, asking actors to describe their outfits via audio so blind people can get a feel for what they’re doing . wear again. After Ryan Gosling, who stars as Court Gentry in the new Netflix film, commented on the “gorgeous green” color of Edward’s dress, she explained her purpose for being on the carpet. She said: “Well, it’s actually quite fitting that you commented on my dress, dear, because tonight is the very first audio-narrated screening of ‘The Gray Man’ and I’m hosting the premiere tonight. So, in honor of that, can you describe to me what you’re wearing?” The 41-year-old actor, who plays Ken in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie, replied, “Purple, pink. A little Ken on top and Barbie on the bottom. “


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Edwards, who you may know from the Pantene ads, went on to tell Gosling that she saw him in The Notebook, the 2004 film he starred in with Rachel McAdams before she went blind. “I saw ‘The Notebook’ so I saw your face Ryan before I went blind so it’s very emotional and really nice to see you in person,” Edwards told him. Pressing his hand to his chest and listening intently to what Edwards had to say, he said, “No! That’s amazing.” We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Edwards’ groundbreaking interviewing style has opened up red carpet fashion to more than two million blind people living with sight loss in the UK, and she’s justifiably getting her flowers on social media. One TikTok user said, “Yes! That was so amazing! Break new boundaries! Keep it up!” Another added, “This is truly amazing, you are the epitome of never giving up no matter what life throws at you. What an inspiration!”

Gosling wasn’t the only famous face Edwards encountered on the red carpet. She also had a very moving conversation with Bridgerton alumni Regé-Jean Page, who also stars in the Netflix action thriller. She asked him, “Word got around on the street that you’re wearing a great outfit. As I am a blind moderator I would appreciate if you could describe your fabulous clothes via audio tonight.”

Page went on to describe his outfit in great detail. “Well thank you for the audio description, that’s fabulous,” he said. “It’s a greyish suit, I get scolded for mis-describing colours, but it’s somewhere in the gray area. We wear a silver necklace…we have a crescent moon on a thin silver chain that leads ours through to a white thong waistcoat under those smart suit jackets. We’re juxtaposing different styles here, hopefully in a stylish way. Below we have a silver ring on my right pointed finger.”


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Page may already be a British heartthrob, but now he’s really captured our hearts. As well as supporting Edwards’ cause on the red carpet, he recently took a stand against Florence Pugh’s body shamers after she wore a see-through Valentino dress. The actor, who is rumored to be in the running for the next James Bond movie, has also started his own foundation to ensure everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water. Good looking and using his platform for real good? We couldn’t love him more.

Audio Description is available for most Netflix original titles and many other TV shows and films, making it the most accessible option for many blind people. The Gray Man is available now on Netflix. The audio description is available in English and Brazilian Portuguese. To watch with audio description, all you have to do is click on the speech bubble and select the audio description language you want to watch with. Well done Netflix and Lucy. For more inclusion in the entertainment industry.

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