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As small businesses continue their struggle to hire new employees, tactics have evolved to attract top talent. There was no other choice; They had to be competitive. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were still 11.3 million job offers End of May. The search for new employees for those who need to strengthen their workforce continues.

To strengthen your recruitment efforts, consider implementing some marketing techniques to attract new talent. Just as companies market their products and services to customers, the same tools can promote the organization and advertise vacancies. When performing well, HR marketing will attract candidates to your business instead of having to constantly search for them.

“Competition for new hires is fierce,” said Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB Central East Texas. “If you want to increase the number of applicants, you may need to find creative ways to attract attention.”

BBB shares the following tips on how to make your company stand out when recruiting:

Tell your employees what matters to you. That Great resignation still holds tight, and after Fortuna Magazine, this situation is partly due to rising inflation. Therefore, there are still many workers looking for greener pastures. So your company needs to position itself as a coveted landing spot. That means highlighting the unique qualities that set you apart from any other employer. So how do you do that? Start sharing your story.

Use your marketing and PR channels to tell potential employees how your company started and what drives it today. Then filter this message by the values ​​or norms that define your organization. For example if your company prioritize trustpromote it in a way that resonates with clients and job applicants.

Employees want to know that their work has a purpose. Tell them how your organization gives meaning to their efforts.

Stay up to date with your reviews. Candidates rely on experiences shared by current or previous employees to determine if your job posting is one they should pursue. Hence, it is vital for your business Read and reply to reviews your organization.

Employee review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed are important places to monitor employee feedback. But that’s not all. Consumer-facing review sites often host these types of comments as well, so it’s important to keep an eye on the conversations in these areas as well.

How easily your company can manage its employee reviews can vary by platform. BBB, for example, offers its accredited businesses exclusive opportunities to respond to and verify reviews of their business and promote positive customer experiences.

Use social networks to show your culture. Customers aren’t the only ones checking out your social media pages. Potential employees are there too. Take the opportunity to present the jumpsuit culture of your company.

Instead of focusing on the products and services your business offers, provide a behind-the-scenes look at how those offerings take place. Post compelling images of your workforce and celebrate big organizational wins. Offer candidates a glimpse into working for your company to see if it’s a fit.

It might not be a bad idea to incorporate these messages and images into a paid digital marketing plan, either. Organic posts only go so far. So, using a portion of your advertising budget to promote recruitment-focused content could mean it gets seen by more job seekers.

Offer incentives. Other companies are now offering incentives, special perks and employee referral programs to alleviate their hiring woes. In-person recruiting opportunities — career fairs, for example — have also become popular hiring avenues again after the pandemic has slowed. But these approaches usually require a lot of legwork and can weigh on a small business’ bottom line. For more creative incentive ideas, check out our to blog.

Stand out on job boards. Don’t be afraid to use paid advertising to promote your open positions. Almost every job board allows companies to post jobs, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that those jobs will be seen by the best candidates.

Advertising your vacancies on job boards makes your offers stand out from others posted on their websites. It gives you an edge over your competitors as candidates scroll through the list of available positions. And given how much pressure companies are under to attract new hires, these rankings can make a world of difference.

About BBB: BBB is a not-for-profit, business-supported organization that sets and upholds high standards of fair and honest business conduct. Most BBB consumer services are free. BBB offers unbiased advice, free BBB company profiles on more than 5.3 million companies, 11,000 charity reviews, dispute resolution services, alerts and educational information on issues affecting market trust. Visit for more information. Established in 1985, BBB Serving Central East Texas serves 19 counties.

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