November SF Election: District Six Supervisor Dorsey Slightly Leads Fundraising Over Challenger Mahogany – San Francisco Chronicle | Region & Cash

Supervisor Matt Dorsey and Honey Mahogany, his main rival in November’s election, have raised similar sums as they prepare for an uphill battle to represent San Francisco’s District Six, recently released campaign finance documents show.

Comparable financial achievements keep the two candidates on course for a hard-fought race for the supervisor seat, representing SoMa, Mission Bay and Treasure Island. SoMa, in particular, is one of the neighborhoods hardest hit by rampant public drug trafficking and overdose deaths, mostly attributed to fentanyl. Both candidates seek to acknowledge this reality by making direct reference to public safety in their campaign slogans.

Dorsey, a former police spokesman and longtime press secretary for the City Attorney, will be the acting voter with the support of Breed and some of her key allies. Mahogany, the leader of the San Francisco Democratic Party, has extensive connections to the community due to her political role and background in social work and LGBTQ nightlife. She would be the city’s first transgender warden if elected.

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