Even in a tight market, buyers can still get perks in new developments – Mansion Global | Region & Cash

When Ryan Wolitzer wanted to buy an apartment Miami Beach Late last year, several beachfront properties caught his eye. All were two-bedroom homes in high-end buildings with many amenities, and featured glass walls, high ceilings, and lots of natural light. But only The Continuum in the city’s south Fifth Ward had a gift: a membership … Read more

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It goes without saying that the nation is a little tight on cash right now – individuals and businesses alike. Reduced marketing budgets across the board are inevitable, making it initially sound like PR pros will soon be jumping through hoops to keep clients’ businesses going. However, many believe otherwise. In the competition between advertising … Read more

Indiana faces challenges in supporting growing electric vehicle market – Evening News and Tribune | Region & Cash

ANDERSON – According to Lisa Putnam, one of the best things about her 5-year-old BMW X5 is that she can go without a trip to the gas station for up to three months. But she acknowledges the complications that come with owning a hybrid SUV. These complications provide a taste of what other electric vehicle … Read more

With inflation at 8.9%, there is a risk of a complacent market rally for European bonds – Business Standard | Region & Cash

Fund managers warn that the market is becoming complacent amid the inflation outlook in Europe, where the prospect of a recession has made protection in bonds more attractive. Public debt has rallied sharply from the lows seen in June as the economic outlook weakens and fears of rising consumer prices … Read more

SunLit Interview: Scott Graham’s Multicultural Heroes Define His Secrets – The Colorado Sun | Region & Cash

Scott Graham is the author of the National Park Mystery Series starring archaeologist Chuck Bender and Chuck’s wife, paramedic Janelle Ortega. Book seven of the Canyonlands Carnage series was a 2022 Colorado Book Award Finalist in the Mystery category. Graham is also the author of five non-fiction books including National Outdoor Book Award winner Extreme … Read more

Out-of-state money fuels Hassan’s record-breaking fundraising machine – Yahoo News | Region & Cash

Aug. 14 (Reuters) – Donors from out of state from New York to Los Angeles account for nearly 90% of the record-breaking sum raised so far by Senator Maggie Hassan’s re-election campaign, according to federal financial records. Hassan has outstripped the five Republicans running against her by a 9-to-1 margin. Three of those five GOP … Read more

Revolutionary growth market for tourism insurance by 2027 : Generali, Travelex, InsureMyTrip – Insurance News Net | Region & Cash

New Jersey, USA — (SBWIRE) — 08/14/2022 — AMA unveils new research Global Tourism Insurance Coverage of Micro Level Analysis by Competitors and Key Business Segments (2021-2027). The global tourism insurance examines a comprehensive study of various segments such as opportunity, size, development, innovation, revenue and overall growth of the major players. The research is … Read more

Translation errors in police interrogations could land innocent people in prison – BBC Science Focus Magazine | Region & Cash

Imagine that. You are in a foreign country. The police arrest you and find that you do not speak the language. So they organize someone to translate. If you’re lucky, the person you contact is a professional interpreter. If you’re unlucky, the person is a multilingual police officer who speaks your language just well enough … Read more