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We are pleased to announce that VMware SD-WAN™ on AWS GovCloud has received Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) High Authorization from the Joint Authorization Board (JAB). VMware SD-WAN is now available on the FedRAMP Marketplace listed under VMware Government Services (VGS).

VMware is the only SD-WAN vendor to receive FedRAMP High Authorization today to continue on its journey as a leader. FedRAMP High Authorization certifies that VMware SD-WAN can protect highly sensitive, unclassified federal agency information in a cloud environment. This allows authorities to accelerate their path to the cloud.

VMware SD-WAN, a key element of VMware SASE™, meets FedRAMP requirements for continuous monitoring, access control, auditing, security assessment and authorization, contingency planning, secure software development lifecycle and incident response. FedRAMP standards also extend to state, local and tribal agencies, corporations working with the federal government, and critical infrastructure sectors.

Authorities are on the path to digital transformation

Across the public sector, government agencies are laying the groundwork for a smart cloud adoption. 97% of agencies have a cloud strategy, with 37% actively using multiple clouds. Federal leaders are also looking for edge solutions to unlock the potential of specialized IoT devices such as cameras and sensors, and 5G.

Telecommuting and remote work is becoming the new norm for many government agencies. In November 2021, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) presented a plan to transform the way federal agencies operate. The OPM recognized the many benefits of flexible work, including the ability to continue critical government services during a disaster. With over 4.4 million employees, the US government is the largest employer in America. Some agencies are spread across thousands of locations. Like the private sector, government employees require ubiquitous access to cloud applications and data. Agencies’ progress toward achieving mission goals is hampered when this highly distributed workforce may not always have adequate connectivity for fast and secure access to SaaS apps and cloud-based resources.

Legacy networks are a transformation barrier

Traditional government agency network architectures use a hub-and-spoke network to connect agency sites to cloud-based applications, resulting in a poor application experience for the distributed workforce. This, in turn, impacts employee productivity. It’s not uncommon for government employees to complain that the network connection at their home is faster than at their office. Traditional networks are very expensive and difficult to scale to meet the performance demands of cloud applications.

The General Services Administration’s (GSA) $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract describes how the government is upgrading IT infrastructure with solutions such as zero-trust architecture, IPv6, and SD-WAN in response to the recent The Nation’s Executive Order on Improving will modernize Internet security. Agencies can now fulfill that contract with hardened, certified solutions.

Network modernization starts with SD-WAN

VMware SD-WAN, the industry-leading software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution, securely, reliably, and efficiently connects users across distributed agency locations to cloud-based applications, cloud services, and agency data centers. Government agencies can count on VMware SD-WAN to improve workforce productivity with secure and streamlined application access, no matter where they are located.

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VMware SD-WAN for Government cloud-first architecture follows the highly successful commercial offering with additional security and compliance requirements from federal agencies. This means federal agencies can trust VMware SD-WAN to simplify operations and maximize ROI, like thousands of our happy customers. According to a Forrester study commissioned by VMware, our customers achieved a 218% ROI with the VMware SASE solution with a payback in less than 6 months.

VMware SD-WAN is a key enabler for government agencies to realize their vision of 5G and edge computing by eliminating IT complexity while providing greater efficiency and faster deployment. Additionally, government agencies can leverage VMware SD-WAN as a critical component of a layered security strategy while implementing initiatives such as Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) 3.0 to accelerate their journey to a Zero Trust architecture.

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