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The upcoming Saints Row The reboot has been a bit of a mystery since it was announced in 2019. The series has historically been everything from gritty crime drama to absurdist sci-fi comedy and everything in between; Even with all the dev diaries and trailers released so far, setting the tone and focus of the reboot has been difficult.

So when I had the chance to sit down with Volition UI Artist Danielle Benthien, I was just as curious as anyone about the direction the team was taking. Will the franchise reboot be a story-driven character piece, similar to the first? Saints Row? Will it be a genre-bending thrill? Or is it something completely different? The answer to these questions is yes, it turns out. And more.

“So you have people who love that crime, that genuineness, that rudeness, that kind of elements of (Saints Row) 2and then you have this really bombastic, larger-than-life stuff in (Saints Row) 3 with the comedy, with the action,” Danielle tells me. “And we (Volition) love both things about the games. And those are the things that really resonate with the fans.”

Danielle describes Saints Row as a mixture of grounded authenticity and over-the-top bombast. You’ll watch a criminal empire rise and spread through the dust and filth of the American Southwest while taking part in the action film adventures of the glamorous saints who live their rich and famous lifestyles. “Not just the art side, but (the) fight side, the writing side, every kind of artistic element, and put it in the middle of the Southwest,” says Danielle.

Saints Row is set in the fictional city of Santo Ileso, which amounts to a mix of landscapes and cityscapes one would see in Texas, Nevada and Arizona. Santo Ileso contrasts with the heavily industrialized cities of Steelport and Stillwater from the previous games in the series.

As Danielle puts it, “Steelport and Stillwater are absolutely iconic, but if you look at the color palette, it doesn’t compare to Central LA. You have this beautiful city full of lights, vibrant murals and glowing neon lights at night.”

During our hands-on demo, we noticed a variety of groups in Santo Ileso, each with their own distinctive style and swagger. Who are you?

“You have the idols that have very neon, rave and anarchy things going for them, like social media influencer things. Then you have the Panteros with the muscle cars – (a) more Saint row 2 Style – where they have brute force and care deeply about your car, your ride, your group. And then you have the Marshalls, (they are more) technological, not necessarily a named gang, but a private military group. “

The differences are more than superficial. The Marshalls, Danielle explains, use technology needed to counterattack, while the Panteros are pure aggressive muscle, foes who smack you in the face and hit you with big guns. “And then you get in there with whatever flavor you want to do the Saints and crush them under your heel.”

Danielle’s expertise is UI – she is the architect behind one of the most important tools at your disposal Saints Row: Your cellphone. in the Saints Row, your mobile device acts as a kind of roaming hub where maps, missions, communication and abilities converge. How do you translate all of these features into something that also feels usable?

“I think the most important thing is, once we have our phones, we set them up in whatever way makes the most sense for us. The apps we use most are always on top, then things that you might not need as often are kind of pushed to the side,” says Danielle. Maps are an example. These are used all the time Saints Row, so they are front and center. As you play the game, more apps will be added and more features will be offered.

Mobile phones are also among our most personal technological devices. I asked Danielle how she dealt with this aspect. “The user experience elements of it always come first. Then from there wanting it to not feel generic; The boss has a big personality, but doing something that everyone can look at and say, ‘That’s my boss too’ (is important).”

So what about the saints themselves? They are somewhat unique with their iconic branding, logo and color that are instantly recognizable. As Danielle puts it, “If you know it’s like this saints ‘something’, you can feel it. His spirit is by nature ‘saints‘. And I think playing the game and seeing it come together over all the years that we’ve been developing it…maybe it doesn’t look like it to some on the surface, but at its core, it really is Saints Row.”

The sheer variety of experiences that the Saints Row Franchise is unique over the years and has appealed to many different tastes. Trying to reach fans in every generation of the series is an ambitious goal, but if Volition can pull it off then Return of the Saints will really be something to watch. Saints Row will be released on August 23, 2022 for Playstation, Xbox, PC and Google Stadia.

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