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The always unbelievable Steve Lacy came out to share his latest, twins rightswill be released on July 15th. The child prodigy, producer, musician and guitarist for GRAMMY-nominated band The Internet – who has worked with the likes of The Internet Chloe x Halle, blood orange and Kendrick Lamaramong others – announced his second album (his first release on RCA Records) during a live performance of the then untitled “Mercury”.

The album’s lead single combines ’60s Brazilian bossa nova and ’70s funk with Lacy’s soaring falsetto, adding a more majestic mystique to the Compton native’s discography. twins rights continues the singer-guitarist’s growth and is an even more personal offering than his 2019 solo debut, Apollo XX1 or his 2020 deep cut demo offering, The Lo Fi.

Mainly self produced by Lacy, twins rights has only one guest appearance. On “Sunshine,” Lacy is an aspiring singer and multi-instrumentalist Fosheepresent a “wild, hilarious, tender, sexy and gender-bending” escape that “wears his heart on his sleeve in the best way possible,” he says shared with Zane Lowe from Apple Music 1.

Lacy spoke to GRAMMY.com about his new album and how he’s exploring his own red flags twins rights helped him trust his instincts and why directing with his mother and siblings was “too much” for him.

For those who are listening to the first two singles right now, can you share a little bit of the story behind it twins rights?

twins rights is essentially me coming back to myself after a breakup. It’s a story that’s very fluid [and] very funny. For me, the subject might be sad when you look at it that way, but I feel like it’s much more hopeful — and that’s the story: finding happiness. I’m finding myself after a heartbreak and looking forward to people hearing this record.

Even with “Sunshine”, a song with me and Fousheé, I think this song is perfect. It [“Sunshine”] summarizes twins rights because it has all this anger and hostility toward the person that affected me, but as you’ll hear in mine and Fousheé’s verses – I still want f—. [Laughs]. I still love her, which is a real s- for me. And this range of emotions sums it all up twins rights.

In between syds Broken Hearts Club and your latest, love and breakup conversations are an interesting thread when it comes to your discography. Do you and the rest of the band talk about love and relationships as friends? Do you have any advice for those who want to have a pleasant summer?

I don’t know if we really talk that much about love as a group, but I know I’ve talked about it more than once Frosted [Martian]. We always talk about love, but in a free, unconditional way and let people be who they are. We ain’t into this love, that’s how, yYou have to do this and be like this. I appreciate a love that is more like just do your thing.

When it comes to taking your shot, that’s a good question, but I’d say just do what feels good to you.

Has twins rights helped you overcome or work on any red flags you may have personally?

I find [that] red flags come from us when we don’t trust our instincts. So I learned that instead of pointing fingers at someone else, I have to trust these emotions within me. That’s the biggest thing I learned about myself on this album – to trust my instincts. Because you can see red flags in yourself and others, but you will bypass them if you don’t check in and listen to yourself. You may find yourself blaming everyone else and saying you have trust issues, but only because of a boundary you haven’t set or said.

I’m learning that it’s all on me. I am responsible for what I want and how I interact with others. I tell all my friends that everyone has a choice. Because I’m not the friend to just agree with you when you’re in a sad place. I’ll ask, “Well, what have you done?” I love talking about all perspectives because emotions, feelings and the way people deal with things are all so different and we all deal with them differently. So I always try to open up and free myself [from any limitations].

What were some memorable weird moments that happened to you in the studio?

I am blessed to work with the most amazing people on this planet. And it’s such a good feeling to be around people whose music translates to others based on the interaction you have with them. I can also maintain these relationships with these wonderful people. But thankfully I’ve never had a weird studio experience myself.

Fousheé was amazing when it comes to her own work and the two of you together certainly make magic on this record. how did it work out with her twins rights?

It was really natural. We just hung out and developed a friendship while we worked. It wasn’t transactional in any way. We didn’t want anything from each other, though [putting together Gemini Rights] just felt right. Those moments are rare – and I never felt anything like it until I met Fou. She found me when I was in a slump about what to do next because everything [at the time] weighed so heavily on me.

At some point I wonder where to go next [with my music] and how to deal with it [end] my relationship. And she just said, “Just relax.” We then just started writing and having conversations where we found bars that we just loved and we kept adding to. But then there were days where we just got stoned, laughed into the mic and just did stupid things.. [Laughs] do overall twins rights was fun.

When we got to “Sunshine” which was one of the last songs written twins rights, Fousheé and I were in a good groove. We’d write, and then when a new idea came up, we’d just sing together on two mics. If “Sunshine” comes about, then freestyling the s. It would be up to about 20 minutes long and [then] We would cut it shorter. However, on “Sunshine” she only had this hook and we harmonized on that part for a moment. It became the chorus, and then I thought, “You might as well just be on this song. Just be the only feature on my album.”

She thought it was cool or whatever [laughs], and that’s why I think our process was so supernatural. We were just in a natural groove [and] I like it.

How does it feel to have twins rights as your first RCA release? Impressed by this moment of what you want to see when the internet’s deal with Columbia Records ends?

It’s so far so good to be honest. I was really lucky to be independent for a while, but then I spoke up [RCA Records CEO] Peter Edge, and we had a really good conversation before we wrapped that up twins rights Demo. He was just very patient and respectful of me and my artistry. [RCA] had a list that I treasured from everyone in the game. And from what I knew about RCA, they allowed their artists to have their own narrative and helped tie it all together.

As for [the Internet’s] situation, we’ll see what happens. Ask me that question next year and I’ll have a straight answer for you.

A while ago you previewed “Mercury” during a live performance, which got a positive response. What feelings, if any, go into sharing to-be-released work like this or demos? The Lo-Fis?

It makes me feel good to see people take it and interpret it however they want. I don’t have too much personal responsibility for how I want it [music] be taken. Performing it live, especially before it came out, was a risk I took – but it felt really good. It felt natural.

I felt good being the leader of the energy back then. I’m really excited and it was cool to look around and [see] they are excited too. We just share this excitement with each other. With all of this, I’m learning to express my range when it comes to performing in front of a crowd, which is kind of crazy.

Her family is also well represented twins rights. Can you talk about what it was like directing for your mother and siblings? And where do they appear on the album?

Yes / Yes! They sing the “la-la” part on “Helm”. They do the “oohs” and “aahs” and the “ba-ba-ba-ba” part on “Mercury,” but they were a little picky [laughs], so I couldn’t use it. I have them on “Amber”, they sing on the big sill when the bass kicks in. They are all in this part. I then added them to Give You The World where they are in the goodbye part and that was it.

What was it like playing bandleader and director in those moments?

[Laughs] It was too much man. No, to be honest it was fun and really cute. My family is funny as hell but I think they caught me one day when I was really tired. You have a lot of energy. It’s three women – my mother and two sisters – and we are all our own very different people. We have a very special camaraderie that makes being together pretty damn fun.

My mom kept yelling into the mic and I said, “Girl, stop it! Voice control. If you buckle, you go further [away from the mic. Why [are] Will you come closer to scream?” It was hilarious though. I have the footage. Maybe I’ll post it one day.

Does this mean that there is a Gemini Rights: The B-sides also?

Maybe yes? I do a lot of stuff, so with this album I learned two things: the superpower of editing and that you have to make garbage. That freed me. When I used to think I’d come up with something perfect, I realized I just had to let it come [to me.] Just blurt out words and throw them up, let go and edit, edit, edit. I would treat [Gemini Rights] like a rapper would do, and that was a lot more fun.

Given that, how do you feel about your own development as a songwriter and producer after hearing the final version of? twins rights?

I thought that [the final result] was great. And I know I’m still growing in this area. I am convinced of this work that we have done, but [I] also know that it is all practice. I’ll get better next time, and I [know that] I’m never completely satisfied because it’s all practice for me and I always want to improve. [With Gemini Rights,] I’m confident where I am right now, but I have so much more to do.

I love the craft of music and creating sounds with the knowledge I have about music where I am excited to connect so many things together creating unique experiences for myself and others.

So what are your expectations or predictions for fans who will hear it? twins rights if it falls on July 15?

My predictions are that this will make people feel more unconditional love for each other.

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