A Voice from the Adirondacks: Blackbraid (Interview) – Invisible Oranges | Region & Cash

Everyone in black metal seems to have an agenda – I would ask the question why, but given the racist undertones of some of the bands that started the genre, it’s pretty clear. Today, many bands either still carry those undertones, counter the racist rhetoric that’s prevalent in the genre with a left-wing message, or … Read more

7 running for Cedar Falls Police Commissioner; Interviews scheduled for next month – WCF Courier | Region & Cash

CEDAR FALLS — The city announced Wednesday that it has received seven applications from people interested in becoming its police chief. Initial interviews are expected to take place in early to mid-September following the civil service review process. According to a press release, the finalists could be announced in early October and a second round … Read more

Is the labor market really getting worse? 3 New Job Seekers Join – CNBC | Region & Cash

Is the economy headed for a recession? If so, why are jobs so strong? The data is in, and even economists are confused. US job growth beat expectations in July, hitting a recovery point for the 22 million jobs lost during the pandemic, despite bleak economic forecasts that a recession may be looming. For their … Read more

Veteran strategist Dennis Gartman says it’s still a bear market with no Fed turnaround in sight – MarketWatch | Region & Cash

As the market heads into the new week, attention is still very much on Friday’s jobs report, which showed a stronger-than-expected 528k rise in nonfarm payrolls. “It came as quite a surprise to me,” said Dennis Gartman, the retired editor of the Gartman Letter and now chair of the University of Akron’s Endowments and Investments … Read more

Derek Jeter’s product wins – Sports Illustrated | Region & Cash

For the past few weeks, the country has been tuning in to ESPN’s documentary series titled The captain. As fans take credit for Derek Jeter’s historic career, the New York Yankees legend continues to look ahead. Jeter is further away from baseball than ever. Instead of spending his days at the stadium, the 48-year-old’s schedule … Read more

Interview for your next job? Avoid this common mistake – CNBC | Region & Cash

The job market is still hot, despite recession fears, and job seekers continue to express confidence in their ability to take better jobs. “I often get this question from my students… how do they choose from the many offers they get?” said Olivier Sibony, Professor of Strategy at HEC Paris. But if the candidates are … Read more

Interview With Flyff Universe: Bringing The Anime MMO Back To Its Fans – MMORPG.com | Region & Cash

A little over a month ago Flyff returned to our screens with a new revitalized incarnation of an iconic anime MMO. For many of us who remember the days when Impressive was still young, Flyff was a new dimension in the MMO genre. With a distinct anime aesthetic long before that Mihoyo popularized and sidestepped … Read more

Interview: Talking Murder at Castle Nathria with Hearthstone’s Lead Designer and Game Designer – MMORPG.com | Region & Cash

this august, Hearthstone will release its latest expansion, Murder at Castle Nathriaand we would have loved to have been part of a group interview with Lead Designer Liv Breeden and Game Designer Cora Georgiou. Full of puns and gothic whims, Murder at Castle Nathria plunges us back into the shadowlands to solve a murder mystery … Read more

Christian Eriksen full transcript of first interview as United player – Man Utd | Region & Cash

How was your experience in London? “It was nice, a nice time. I mean things are going well, we obviously stayed in the league and the whole atmosphere at the club has turned into something very positive. I am forever grateful for what they have done. I mean they showed interest, they showed that from … Read more

Unstructured vs Structured Interviews: Which is Better? – Built-in | Region & Cash

The tight job market these days can make it particularly difficult to find the right candidates for open positions. That’s why it’s all the more important now to have well thought-out plans for the interview process, said James Durago, director of people operations at database platform company Molecula. Through planning, hiring managers can tailor interviews … Read more