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The Last Case of Benedict Fox brings together a demon and a detective to investigate both the surreal worlds of memories of the dead and the abandoned mansion that was the scene of a gruesome murder.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox caught our eye in the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase with its dark, fantastical mix of metroidvania and adventure elements. It’s set to launch on Xbox Game Pass next year, so we reached out to developer Plot Twist for more information, with Creative Director and Lead Game Designer Bartek Lesiakowski being kind enough to answer our questions!

What is The Final Case of Benedict Fox about?

The Last Case of Benedict Fox combines metroidvania, adventure, platforming and puzzle elements inspired by Lovecraft, noir pulp fiction and 20th century jazz. It is in development by Plot Twist and will be published by Rogue Games.

When is The Last Case of Benedict Fox coming out?

We don’t have an exact launch date for The Last Case of Benedict Fox just yet, but we do know it’s coming next year.

the last case of benedict fox interview

The Last Case of Benedict Fox was unveiled with an amazing trailer earlier this year during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. “The revelation was better than we ever expected,” says Lesiakowski. “We’re feeling fantastic… Most of the reactions have all been very positive, which gave us a great morale boost. It also confirmed our thoughts that we are on the right track and that we have something special ahead of us.”

Will The Last Case of Benedict Fox come to Xbox Game Pass?

Yes! The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be added to Xbox Game Pass as a day-one supplement upon release in 2023. “It’s hard to put into words the positive impact Game Pass will have on our game,” says Lesiakowski. “It opens a door for a variety of different players to play Benedict and, fingers crossed, fall in love with it and its genre. For a small studio like ours, this is big business.”

the last case of benedict fox interview

Why is?

Benedict Fox is a detective who happens to have a connection to a demon that allows him to search the minds of the dead for clues. He and his demon head to a huge abandoned mansion to investigate the murder of a young couple and the disappearance of their child. We know from the Steam page for The Last Case of Benedict Fox that we’ll lose ourselves in “a dark, fascinating world filled with secret organizations, forbidden rituals, and cold-blooded crimes,” but the game keeps its cards close to its chest when it’s about story details. “Benedict and his demonic companion are two opposites who must work together,” explains Lesiakowski. “They are not so much bound by choice as by destiny. Where will fate take them? You have to find out!” Lesiakowski adds that there is a narrative element behind the team’s decision to make Benedict and his demon interdependent. “As the name of our game suggests, there is an investigation to solve. The demon could have insights that our Benedict simply wouldn’t have. The two form an impressive duo. Where will their relationship take them? Only time can tell…”

How is the gameplay?

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is also quite mysterious in terms of gameplay. We saw some combat and exploration in the game’s reveal trailer, and it seems these will be key elements. “Our main goal is to unravel the mystery behind the murders at the mansion. Both Benedikt and his companion have their own reasons for this,” says Lesiakowski. “Battle and exploration of the Limbo are just a few ways to achieve this goal. You will also come across puzzles and riddles to solve depending on which world you are in. The same goes for the characters and factions you will encounter. Each of them will attend the upcoming events for their own reasons.”

the last case of benedict fox interview

One of the reasons the developers relied on Benedict and his demon is for gameplay use. “Thanks to his demonic companion, Benedict is able to wield supernatural powers that will help him defeat the demons and occultists he faces.” Benedict will also have his own weapons, and we’re told that his surroundings will too during of combat can come into play, with the developers adding that “concentration and a tactical approach are your greatest strengths”.

how is the world

One of the twists of The Last Case of Benedict Fox is that not only will we explore the “real” world of the mansion, but thanks to the powers of our demons, we will also venture into the minds of the dead and into worlds where “memories, emotions and trauma takes physical form.” Lesiakowski explained this for us, adding: “The mansion that you will explore in the real world is a hub, a safe haven that you and Benedict can return to at any time, meet NPCs, spend that well-deserved coin and find clues and other locations to explore in the world of Limbo. However, once you get into Limbo, you find yourself in a place full of dangers from enemies within and the environment itself. It’s not a place you’d want to spend your free time, that’s for sure. From a visual point of view,” he continues, “it’s a hell of a challenge, as there’s a constant balance between what’s known and real and what’s supernatural and otherworldly.”

the last case of benedict fox interview

Lesiakowski gave us a few hints on what it will be like to explore these different worlds. “One of our main goals is to give players constant reasons to explore,” he begins. “We try to achieve that in different ways. One is to give you variety in your “typical” Metroidvania explorations. The other is to give you reasons to explore the narrative on your own by giving you more clues and insights into the story. We want the story to stay with you throughout your experience, such as through the dialogue between Benedict and his demonic companion. Finally, we want to have a high quality and high level of detail in our environments so that the environment itself encourages the player to explore further.”

Inspirations for The Last Case of Benedict Fox range from 20th-century jazz music to Lovecraftian elements. “Some of this inspiration comes from our own interests and from being drawn to these kinds of ‘vibes,'” explains Lesiakowski. “Other inspirations are the result of the development our work has gone through, adapting the world of our game to the gameplay and vice versa. Sometimes one side wins, sometimes the other. For us it is a never-ending process. It has to be if we want the end product to be consistent with its narrative, gameplay, art and music.”

the last case of benedict fox interview

The last case of the Benedict Fox takes place in the 1920s, but it seems that wasn’t always the case. “The 1920s wasn’t the setting we originally planned,” says Lesiakowski. “First of all, we started closer to our time. However, as ideas and inspiration flowed and Benedict took shape, so did the setting. We started going back in time like a clock going backwards. When we landed in the 1920s, it felt right. It felt right with our narrative and gameplay. It also worked with our love for Lovecraft. Everything started to take shape.”

The game also features a Burton-like art style, and Lesiakowski says that, too, “is the result of evolution and iteration. We knew we wanted our game to be full of contrasts. When there are two opposing forces or ideas, it can lead to some powerful combinations! We also used this idea of ​​contrasts with our visual style. We wanted to have an eye-catching cartoon style combined with a dark and somber narrative. Two opposites at work. And that’s how we ended up with our current style.”

the last case of benedict fox interview

Any news on the achievements for The Last Case of Benedict Fox?

We don’t have any achievements for The Last Case of Benedict Fox yet, but Lesiakowski has been walking us through the team’s design process for the game’s achievement list. “First of all, we believe that achievements should complement the game and highlight its strengths,” Lesiakowski begins. “Quite often while we’re working on a game, we get to a point where we’re happy with the mechanics and the story accent and we’re like, ‘Oooh! That could work really well with so and so performance!’ The key is not to think of success as an afterthought.” From what we’ve seen so far, The Last Case of Benedict Fox keeps its secrets secret – and it seems we can expect similarly cryptic achievements, with Lesiakowski warning us, “to expect the unexpected”.

As for his thoughts on the ideal achievement list: “For me personally, an ideal achievement list is one that you can complete in a walkthrough and figure out all by yourself, without having to resort to the internet. I know that success is an excuse for many people to return to the title after the first run. However, I like to remember the games I played all by myself, without any help, the way I play, and out of nowhere I get a notification that I’ve collected all the achievements. It’s only happened to me twice. But these are the gaming memories I will cherish forever.”

the last case of benedict fox interview

What is Lesiakowski most looking forward to out of all this? “I love the feeling of being completely immersed in a game. The older you get, the harder it seems to get that feeling. I think that might be a reason why some players don’t try new games and put games from their youth on a pedestal. Maybe that’s partly because games don’t mature as fast as players do,” he continues. “We want to create a game that feels consistent and focused, one that allows for that sense of immersion.”

So what do you think? Will you be keeping an eye out for The Last Case of Benedict Fox coming to Xbox Game Pass next year? will you play on day one Let us know what you think in the comments!

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