Are You Tired of Dirty coffee maker Let Clean it With vinegar

Don't Confuse that vendor stop you from using vinegar, however, Many homes daily need product that contain vinegar  

Paying high bills for repairing of coffee maker, instead, You can Clean your coffee maker with vinegar and it'll serve you longer and make tasty coffee

It's Super Easy to clean your coffee maker with vinegar

Step you need to follow

Buy Distilled vinegar and mix it well with water. You can buy from market if you don't have one.

Step no 1

Put the  solution inside the reservoir

Step no 2

make it on and left it for approx 30 to 35 minutes 

Step no 3.

switch on the coffee machine and start it's cycle along with solution

Step no 4.

Now fill the reservoir with clean water to vanish the vinegar smell from the machine. Keep on running until it stop smelling.

Final stage

This is guidance to save large repairing bills. 

Hope you enjoy it