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With the launch of ZeeMee’s new brand partnership program, brands can now help reduce the stress and cost of back to school through unique offers and grants.

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2022 / ZeeMee, the leading higher education networking app, today announced the launch of its brand partnership program. ZeeMee provides a social networking platform for incoming college students to socialize and make friends, chat, find the perfect roommate (via a roommate finder), or find out about events before entering the campus. With over 2,300 active university communities on the app, ZeeMee is also the ideal platform for students to get direct access to university administrators, decision makers and the biggest influencers on campus. As ZeeMee continues to provide an immersive networking experience for college students, it will expand to give students access to curated branded offers and scholarships, adding value once they are accepted into the school and the semester begins.

“With millions of freshman students using ZeeMee, it was evident from our chat communities that students had made friends and roommates on the app, but were still struggling to figure out how to get college essentials like dorm supplies, textbooks, and should pay for food. We decided we needed to partner with student favorite brands to bring great offers and scholarships to our students,” said Vanessa Didyk, CEO of ZeeMee.

ZeeMee has hired a new Head of Partnerships, James Sleeman, to expand ZeeMee’s brand offering. With over a decade of experience marketing and building brand, entertainment and sports partnerships in the ed tech space, most recently as Head of Brand and Marketing Partnerships at Chegg, James immediately saw the value for students and brands to connect through ZeeMee .

“ZeeMee blew me away with his dedication to students,” said James. “Students actively use the app over 13 times a day to keep in touch with friends, join chat communities and speak to influencers on campus. It has eliminated the fear and anxiety that students have on day one with school since they already know people on campus. All they need now is help with costs through access to super cool branded products and services.”

In order not to disrupt the user experience that works so well for students on ZeeMee, the company has thought very carefully about how they can authentically integrate branded experiences into the platform.

“Students are beyond standard digital marketing tactics and we get it. With ZeeMee, we will only work with brands that add real value to the lives of our students. We will secure relevant, exclusive offers and scholarships to reward students at critical inflection points such as joining a college community, finding a roommate, choosing a course or attending an event. The offerings will reflect the real needs of the students,” said James.

For more information on how your brand can engage with the incoming freshman audience for the 2022-23 semester, please contact James Sleeman at james@zeemee.com.

About ZeeMee

ZeeMee is the #1 community app for students going to college. Millions of students use ZeeMee to make friends, find roommates, chat with college administrators, discover hyperlocal events, and plug into campus life. Connected students thrive and ZeeMee helps make the connections that matter. To help more students succeed, ZeeMee partners with colleges across the country, building a community for their students and vastly improving recruitment and retention outcomes. With highly active students at more than 2,300 US colleges and universities, ZeeMee is changing the way students find and belong to each other and empowering every student to find their best friends and thrive. ZeeMee is consistently ranked in the top 50 most downloaded apps in the App Store and has been named Apple’s “Hot App of the Week” multiple times. ZeeMee is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Contact information:

Company name: ZeeMee, Inc.
Contact name: James Sleeman
Telephone number: 415.312.7033
Email address: james@zeemee.com
Website link: www.zeemee.com

SOURCE: ZeeMee, Inc.

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